Thursday, March 10, 2016

Feels Just like I'm Falling for the First Time: NT Scan

For the very first time, we had a good news outcome of the NT scan. PHEW.

Yesterday was our NT scan, though not until 3PM, so it was a loooonnnnngggg wait. Fortunately, I took the day off and I took Kins to the park- it was in the mid 70s!! Hub met us after he worked a half day and we went for ice cream. When it was nap time, we brought Kins to my parents and waited until it was time to leave for the appointment.

When we finally got there, completed paperwork and got called in, the radiologist commented that she recognized me and asked if I had another child. It was the woman I liked, so that was nice. In our conversation Blue Sunday came up, and I could see her realize that was why I made an impression on her.  

Suyra-Scott gave us quite the scare, when we first peaked in, there was no movement, and I couldn’t see the heart flicker. The radiologist jiggled me around- still nothing and then repositioned. At least now we could see the heartbeat, and she let us listen, I guess she could feel our panic. HB was 169! It took so long I was genuinely concerned that baby Suyra-Scott was for some reason paralyzed and I ran through all the “what will we would dos” (terminate? no, keep the baby- we’d need to move to an accessible home, are there mental issues? Then we’d terminate- depending- right?!). I kid you not, PTSD is real. I was having flash-backs to eerily quiet Blue Sunday and what that meant for him (Blue Sunday face planted in my placenta and essentially remained there for every scan we had). I was asked to roll around and eventually baby woke up and started performing, phew. It was a long few minutes. L-O-N-G.
After that big scare- things were really good. Baby is a cutie- likes to suck his-her feet and fingers, does not like to show off the back of her/his neck. We were in there for an hour!

The radiologist left and I started to stress. Last time it took 30 minutes or so. This time it didn’t take nearly that long. The doc came in a asked us what we were planning in terms of additional testing (this must be the MO here, exactly how the conversation began with Kins- though it wasn’t immediatelyfollowed up with a BS DS DX). I said no, and explained with did PGD. He was happy about this- though reminded me that the NT can aslo indicate other issue. He talked about that for awhile, but eventually I couldn’t handle it anymore and asked if everything looked fine. He looked SO surprised and was like oh yes, it was a great measurement- is this your first?” LOL. So I explained my situation (including that false DS warning and that that measurement was 2.3) and he GOT it. The measurement for Suyra-Scott was 1.4 (!!!) and he said their cut off was 3.0 (confirming my suspicion that Next Tuesday was just a raging jerk and had it out for me- Catholic Hospital). Anyway, this time, everything was good right from the get go.

Snijders, Nicolaides from the Book "The 11-14 Weeks Scan"

Surya-Scott was 49.9 mm in CRL, so just a little larger than the median. 

We go back in 7 ish weeks for the anatomy scan! Eeeekkkkkkk!

I'm so green, it's really amazing
I'm so clean, too bad I can't get all the dirt off of me.
I'm so sane, it's driving me crazy
It's so strange, I can't believe it
Feels just like I'm falling for the first time

Bearnaked Ladies, Falling for the First Time