Thursday, March 24, 2016

Goals: 2016 Edition - Quarter Year Update

I liked keeping track of my goals in 2013 and so I am doing it again this year!

I have a list of a few goals and I will update here monthly-ish quarterly-ish.

1) Resolve: Hub and I have decided that at then end of this year we want to have created all the embryos we're going to create (including donor). We can do FETs into 2017, but we want off this merry-go-round. So we may close the door with one at least semi-bio kid (we may pursue adoption after a family building break)
I'm pregnant! So this could be a check mark on or around September 23rd, though I am feeling like may be we'll try for a third in a year or two- using up the rest of my IVF insurance. Who knows. I can stop with 2, so that's a relief. 

2) Read 12 books. I have 11 on my list and one wildcard. Any suggestions? I read a wide variety, but am not counting pulp fiction type books (I like J.D.Robb and teen lit as a guilty pleasure but am not counting them)

OK, I read The 5th Wave and The Infinite Sea. Which we very good, though truly YA novels- Neither was on my list, but one was there twice.. so that's fine.  I don't think either of the ones I read are just throw-away thriller type, so I counted them as real books. I've ordered Where'd You Go Bernadette from Amazon. So doing well on this one. 

3) Run the June 5k in under 28 minutes. Still on here from 2 years ago. oops (though I was pregnant and it was 90+ out that day. Last year I was just a little too slow)
Deferred. No way can I do 3.1 in 28 minutes at 23 weeks pregnant.

4) Pay down my mortgage (not off obviously aiming for about 10,000 extra dollars)
Already done! I used my bonus and some additional money I sent them each month. I'm going to keep going with this though. Can't get too far ahead.

5)Re-do the kitchen- at long last
Not started. We have our fingers crossed to start in June. We are waiting for news on something else though. 

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