Monday, March 14, 2016

I'll Keep Holding On: MicrobloggingMonday


I cannot handle being pregnant. I know after IF there is a prevailing opinion that you can't/ shouldn't complain about the yuckiness of pregnancy. This isn't my opinion. For me, getting pregnant is very hard, but being pregnant is hard too.

I am now 12.5 weeks- most people tell me 'oh you're almost through" "you'll be done with the sickness soon". I usually smile, but I know with Kins that I was lower level sick in the second tri, and really sick again in the third. I have now lost 13 pounds. That's fairly significant, even on my bigger-post-IVF-bod.

This morning,I threw up my stomach lining while brushing my teeth. Then drinking my protein shake on the way to work I threw up again, all over my pants (I partially missed my vomit cup- which everyone keeps in their car, right? RIGHT??)

Also, I'm huge. I think I was like 18 weeks when I looked like this with Kins, I was never this big with Blue Sunday:

And nothing had the chance to be good
Nothing ever could yeah
I'll keep holding on
Simply Red, Holding Back the Years


  1. Oh no I'm sorry that you are still feeling sick. I'll cross my fingers that your morning sickness will subside once you are out of the first trimester. I keep hearing that each pregnancy is different, but am finding that this one is fairly similar to my first one....unless you are talking about belly size. I'm 20 weeks right now and looking at least like my 22 week pictures from my first pregnancy (AT LEAST).

  2. Oh hon, I so get this. I was sick with the kids until the day I delivered, so I get the vomit cup in the car. In fact, I had a drop off bin halfway between home and work where I discarded two vomit cups so I would have room for fresh ones for the rest of the drive. So gross.

    Hope that you get some relief soon. That is so hard. Especially when you miss the cup.

  3. No advice, just sympathy! Or empathy. I wanted to shoot everyone who told me I'd start feeling better "soon" right back, gotta throw up again lol