Monday, March 7, 2016

I'm in Hiding (but not very well) #MicrobloggingMonday

Here I am 11 weeks (plus 3 days).

I feel like I’m pregnant looking- though I’ve lost 11 pounds as of this morning. I am trying to cover it up (I have a sweater over that dress for work). My appointment is just 2 days away, I am still very anxious about the NT scan since it always goes wrong. After that I hope to feel better about telling work (my boss and 2 close friends know). There is a woman who I want to tell before word gets around- she did IVF but it never worked out for her. She went on to adopt a son, but it still can’t be easy to hear about the pregnancies of others.

I guess I’m stressed and rambling. Mostly I’m sick and tired and tired of being sick. 

Now I'm in hiding
I'm in hiding
I'm in hiding
Oh, I'm in hiding
Pearl Jam, In Hiding


  1. I'm still in hiding at 19 weeks but will likely tell everyone at work after the 20 week ultrasound. I hope that you have a great appointment on Wednesday!

  2. You look great! And your friend at work will definitely appreciate the heads up -- we've all been blind-sided by pregnancies, it ain't pretty.

  3. Yep that looks about right. My usual waitress at my favorite restaurant is pregnant and I didn't want to say anything until it became pretty apparent, so I was surprised when she said she was 5 1/2 months! I was like dang...that was me in my first trimester! LOL.