Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Month Five

Month Five



Diapers- Size 2, comfortably. 

Milestones- Rolling both ways when she feels like it. She is not nearly as physical as kinsy-bear was. He was always wanting to be on the move. She is content to hang out where we put her. Though she does flap and wiggle enough to move herself off her blanket, or turn to look in the other direction. 

First Valentines day- so cute! 

First sick visit :( (see below)

Sleep- Still sleeping with me after the stomach bug scare of 2017. BUT I've been putting her to bed (in her crib!), upstairs, when I put Kinsy down. Previously I was letting her sleep in her rock-n-play from 8ish until my bedtime. She tends to wake up at about midnight- which is annoying since that is when night owl mama just turns in. Then she comes into my room in my bed. I'm going to start working to get her back asleep before I lay down and then putting her in the co-sleeper. Less sleep for me but more, safer sleep for her.  

Clothes- 0-3 Months are mostly over, but there are a few things she still wears; 3-6 months still big she sleeps in her Magic Merlin sleep suit

Eating- Same as last month: She still is on BM almost exclusively. She has a once-in-a-blue-moon formula bottle if we're out at night (hockey games, dinner with friends). I've nursed in public, but she doesn't like being under a blanket and I am large chested anyway. There are places I will nurse- dimly lit restaurants, the park and places I won't- bright, crowded hockey games. 

Likes- Yelling!

Sitting up (propped)

Biting stuff

Standing in this thing

Dislikes- Sleeping alone. Her 4 month shots.

Illness- She got a bad cold this month- we ended up taking her into the doctor.  Her O2 was a little low, but we were OK just to watch her. She gained 9oz in 2 weeks- no issue eating!