Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Month Six

Month Six

Weight- 16 pounds, 1 ounce

Diapers- Size 2 


First St. Patrick's Day- Are they the cutest??

Sitting all by her self! (propped on her own thighs)

Found her feet!

Sleep- She's in her own bed until about 1AM then with me. Ugh. 

Clothes- 3-6 months, still sleeping in her sleep suit (like a dancer!)

Eating- She is only getting BM, but we are going to introduce solids in the next few days!

Likes-  Her Pacifier, she's big into it this month

Dislikes- Sleeping alone. Being put down.

Illness- Her cold from last month cleared up and she's been healthy ever since.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Buzz Buzz- Microblogging Monday

We are busy, busy bees.  I feel like there is no time to take a breath, never mind blog. Baby MG is sitting up (she can't get there on her own, but we can set her down and she stays (good girl, LOL). 

Kinsy is potty trained!!! He is still having a few accidents, but by and large he's done with daytime diapers. Took just a few days once we actually potty trained him.

We have something to do EVERY weekend day this month- bridal showers, Easter celebrations, dinner with friends and a quilting class for me! (this past weekend we had a professional family photoshoot and dinner with friends- one Easter celebration was canceled due to weather and moved to next weekend.)

Additionally, I leave for a work trip to London tomorrow. I'm only gone for a few days but I am really nervous leaving the kids (mostly MG) I haven't been away from her overnight, and haven't been away from kinsy overnight since I gave birth. I don’t like the idea of being 7 hours away by plane. 

Regardless, I AM looking forward to some time alone on the plane. I have two books to bring with me, some work to do in the kids' baby books. And I know, as with everything these days, the time will fly by.

Happy New Year!! Play Ball!

Buzzing off now! More to do, as always. 

Not sure what #MicroblogMondays is? Read the inaugural post which explains the idea and how you can participate too.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Goals: Quarterly Update #1

Quarterly Update #1

1) Take some time off from family planning and enjoy the family I’ve built.
Enjoy the wonderful kids (and hub!) I have.
More or less. I have not really re-started my cycle (I had it once, when I had the stomach virus, but not since). I have mentioned trying again, again once or twice. Hub eventually suggested seeing a couples therapist.. so we’re pretty far apart in what we want additional kid wise:/

2) Read 12 books. Any books. Enjoy them.
I’ve read 2 and am starting a third:
The Whistler
Apprentice in Death
Don't You Cry

3) Run the June 5k in under 28 minutes. Still on here from 2 years ago 3 years ago.
I HAVE been running fairly consistently, with Hub still in school I can really only run Thurs-Sun, and I’m not really in the shape to run 4 days in a row. I aim for 3 runs in 7 days, but have been getting 3 runs in 8. Not too bad. I should be on week 11 of a 10K app, so this is in reach

4) Pay down 30,000 in debt and keep up with other money goals (college savings, retirement etc)- we’re doing Dave Ramsey. Working successfully so far.
Yes! I got a nice bonus and we’ve been really good with budgeting so we’re more than ½ way to goal J

5) Re-do the kitchen- at long last.
I REALLY hope this is this year, but I am waiting for a good price to sell some stock. All depends on the market.
We decided not to sell stock at the most recent opportunity. Will reassess next time. We don’t want to make the decision to sell and regret it. Clearly the kitchen is work-able- we’ve been in our home for 6 years.     
6) A few health goals: Lose 10 pounds, start yoga, keep up with vitamins, cut back on caffeine (down two 2 cups of tea and one other caffeinated item per day).
Big fail. I guess this needs to be my focus.
I did remember my vitamins though!

7) Become involved in my community. How? TBD. 
This is still a question mark.. thinking about it though