Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I'm Gonna Make this Place (my) Home

I have mentioned a few times that my house is kind of a nightmare. Here is show and tell.

"We" bought it a few days over 3 years ago, hub hadn't so much as crossed the threshold until after the papers were passed- on December 6th 2010- 2 days after his return from Iraq on December 4th 2010. I did everything- offer, counter-offer(s), inspection, Purchase and sales, repairs and ALL the paperwork all on my own. Truth be told, I was a little upset he made it home to actually sign, I felt I earned the right to say I bought the house by myself. The whole thing was actually a nightmare and Hub called the bank more than once from Iraq, you can only imagine how that call went. Anyway, after 3 months of wrangling, the house was ours.

Front of house, before removal of tree-bush

Ok, it isn't much, and it was even worse inside than out. BUT It's in the neighborhood we belong in: safe, clean and full of people we love. Many of the kids I grew up with have settled here as well, no small thing in a major city.  Best of all, we're just a few blocks from my parents... and we have this huge back yard!

Backyard 1 (My 30th birthday)

Backyard 2-- pictures taken at the same time, all this stuff was back there at once!

As it turns out, a lot of the trouble with houses are that they are old, at least they are if you live where I do and aren't a millionaire (literally).  This house had not one speck of insulation (that is a slight exaggeration, we found a few strips behind the living room walls where there was a fire years ago and some pour in insulation in the ceiling between the second floor and the attic.). The basement floor was partially torn up after the discovery of termites by the prior owner (a HUGE problem in this area- no surprise to us as buyers- but you couldn't have re-poured the floor?). There was little to no renovation or upkeep in the 60 years between building and our purchase, It had been in one family for all or almost all of that time.

See the can of Pledge? It was for the kitchen walls..

Living room, pet stained carpet coming up, Persian arches, awful mantel..

See the color difference on the wall behind vs in front of me? Yeah.. that's from washing off the nicotine

The problem is, I didn't see these as issues when I bought the house, a little paint (which we needed because there were 1 or 2 people smoking up to 3 packs of cigarettes EACH a DAY for the majority of this house's lifespan yuck), some work pulling up carpeting and refinishing floors and *ok fine* a complete kitchen re-haul (but I would never be able to afford a house in this area with a new kitchen- they were starting at 500,000 at the height of the recession) and we would be as good as new.

Problem one was the FIRE that happened years before my purchase. There is a massive burn hole under that gross carpet- the carpet is long gone due to the smoke and pet urine that soiled it. We keep the couch over it, as it is in our living room. It's fine...

Things I didn't know before I bought- 60 year-old horsehair plaster isn't nice, even if you put new paint on it. Also, insulation is way easier to put in with walls down, as is new electric work. By the way, if you buy a house that is older than your parents, you're going to need new wiring run most likely. Who knew?

So we started a room by room renovation. 

We've gone through this process with 4 of 7 rooms in the house. It's been a TON of work,  but we're now here with our living room:

Hub is building cabinets and a mantel for around the fireplace, and we are re-tiling after Christmas
You can't tell from here, but we widened the doorways and removed the arches (hub said they reminded him of Iraq.. oops). And here is the baby's room now. I don't have a 'before', but it was just as ugly as the rest of the house:

Doesn't hub do good work?

We have a lot to do (like that kitchen.. shudder) but we've come a long way, even on the outside!

We've replaced the door too :)

Settle down, it'll all be clear
Don't pay no mind to the demons
They fill you with fear
The trouble it might drag you down
If you get lost, you can always be found

Just know you're not alone
'Cause I'm gonna make this place your home

Saturday, December 28, 2013

39 Weeks 2 Days: Anniversary of Day of Waiting

I am now 39 weeks and 2 days pregnant. I am feeling the start of cramps/ contractions and just plain not feeling well. I'm uncomfortable, impatient and rushed. There is still so, so much to do.

That said, I can't believe the difference between today and 2 years ago today.

Today, I cleaned the house (again) my mom's best friend and my parents came over to help. The place is the closest to spotless that will ever happen in the middle of the construction (currently on hold).
Then, the house was gross. The Christmas fallout was all over the place, the trash was overflowing. I was on strict couch rest 1 day post amnio. I was scared and miserable. I knew in my heart Blue Sunday was unhealthy.

Today, I have a John Grisham book sitting on my bedside table, barely opened. I just don't have the time to dive in.
Then. I was already on the second Hunger Games book since Christmas. I needed the distraction.

Today, I wait in eager anticipation of baby news- girl or boy? What day? How will labor go?
Then, I wait in abject fear- T18? T13? Some structural problem?

Both days though, I am cramp-y and cold.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Day After Christmas

Well here we are. The Day After Christmas.

Back in Blue Sunday's time and again, at the end of pregnancy.

The days of living memories: days of making memories.

10 days where the past and the present will be in particularly sharp focus.

2 years ago, right about now, I was just starting on this road. I had gotten off the phone with the doctor and gotten the awful 1:5 odds in the mid afternoon.

All day today, I just keep poking Take Two, waiting for him or her to poke back. Take Two is well behaved and always does poke back.

2 years ago tomorrow was my last scan (and the amnio).
All day tomorrow is final baby prep- cleaning the house, buying a few last minute things.

2 years ago New Year's Eve was my first night of drinking since finding out I was pregnant. The diagnosis was confirmed and the termination set. I was closing the book on acting, feeling and truly being pregnant.
This NYE I will have closed or be closing the book on the last year without holding a child of my own.

2 years ago, 1/4/12 was my termination date.
1/4/14 is my due date.

Wheel indeed.

See it all the time
Where someone's last goodbye
Blends in with someone's sigh
Cause someone's coming home
In hand a single rose
And that's the way this wheel keeps working now
That's the way this wheel keeps working now
John Mayer, Wheel
 (I know I already used this one, but I just keep coming around to the same theme)

38 Weeks: Pregnancy Meme

Bi-weekly Update:

How far along: 38 Weeks, 6 days. Super late.. sorry I was holiday-ed

Baby is the size of a: GIANT baby. Seriously I think this kid is 20 pounds, judging from the weight in my pelvis. The websites tell me baby is the size of a leek and 6.5 pounds. And will be the size of a mini-watermelon tomorrow at 39 weeks. Mini my ass... 
Total weight gain: Up 21 pounds from lightest, 17 overall.

Maternity clothes:  Yeah.. And now I have nursing stuff.

Stretch marks: Still none. So far this is the most surprising part of pregnancy.

Sleep: Basically this is just getting worse. Christmas eve I slept may be an hour.
Best moment since last update: I'M DONE AT THE OFFICE. wooo-hoooo. I finished at 38 weeks exactly. Still working from home, but that's fine, we're off for the week between Christmas and New Year's.

Miss anything: Harpoon Winter Warmer. I can't wait to tuck into one of those bad boys post baby.

Movement: Starting to decrease. Baby is way low in my pelvis and we're both very cramped.

Food cravings: This just didn't happen for me. I really dislike eating, to be honest. I wish I was one of those ladies who wanted crazy stuff, but I just don't.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not at the moment actually :)

Have you started to show yet: hahaha oh yes

Sex: 1 week to go (give or take) for the big reveal!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH

Labor signs: At my appointment on Tuesday (38w4d) I was 2cm, baby was "locked and loaded" and I was thinned out. Didn't ask for specifics. It HURT. I was not a fan of that feeling up.

Belly button in or out: Still in, still odd and stretched.

Wedding rings on or off: Wedding rings are on, but my claddagh ring is off. I bent it years ago and it just fit too tightly with the tiny bit of swelling I have. 

Happy or moody most of the time: Excited!

Looking forward to: HAVING A BABY! Come on... !!!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Wrapping It Up

This is the week I've been waiting for.

A week from now, I will be free from office life for about 3.5 months. I spent today wrapping up some work and hanging out in my bed. I am just so tired and uncomfortable. Really, this isn't for the faint of heart. Baby is BIG and heavy at this point, I think we're both uncomfortable and cramped. Baby squirms around in there like I do when I'm trying to get to sleep, side to side, wiggle wiggle. I must say, it's quite the bonding experience. But please baby, get into my pelvis.

I'm 37 weeks today, "early term", whatever that means. I'm holding out until 42 weeks if baby doesn't come on his or her own. That's still 5 weeks.. that sounds unbearable but it's what both my mom and my MIL when through (both went into labor naturally at 42 weeks). I have not dropped. I am not seeing any labor signs. Just hanging tough.

The trim has been completed in the living room, yay. We are puttying holes this weekend and painting early next week. With a little luck, I can bring in my couch and a Christmas tree middle of next week.

Here I am, waiting and trying to wrap up my pre-baby life.

Monday, December 9, 2013

36 Weeks: Pregnancy Meme

Bi-weekly Update:

How far along: 36 Weeks, 3 days. Just Keep Swimming....

Baby is the size of a: head of romaine lettuce. A HARD, jointed head of romaine lettuce. My belly is really uncomfortable, it appears baby has no where to go but out. I'm getting pointy.
Total weight gain: Apparently I gained 5 pounds last week? 23 from nadir, 17 from start of pregnancy. I think this might go down tomorrow after I chug some prune juice today.
ETA- appears to have been a fluke up 1 pound since last check in (so down 4 from Monday) 19 from nadir, 13 total.

Maternity clothes:  Yeah.. I am getting a bit of a breeze under some of my maternity shirts. Giant baby.

Stretch marks: None yet, knock on wood.

Sleep: I feel like  the Barenaked Ladies are singing their song "Who Needs Sleep" to me:
Who needs sleep? Well you're never gonna get it
Who needs sleep? Tell me what's that for?
Who needs sleep? Be happy with what you're getting there's a guy been awak since the second world-war

Best moment since last update: I did baby's laundry! Getting closer to a real baby...

Miss anything: Comfort. I really miss just sitting still. As soon as I relax, my legs get restless. Also, I miss eating full meals. Whenever I do, I get horrible heartburn and reflux.
(NOTE from the great re-post re-read (10/30/14) HAHAHAHAHAHA I missed sitting still THEN)

Movement: Yes! It can hurt sometimes, but I really love it. It is one of the few things about pregnancy I really do feel lucky I get to experience (aside from my own genetic child, that goes without saying)

Food cravings: Not really.

Anything making you queasy or sick: I was really sick after a SALAD the other day... a salad. I just can't be full, that's the biggest sick trigger.

Have you started to show yet: Hugely, I am told you can't tell I'm pregnant from behind though. I wore my old pre-pregnancy pants with a belly band yesterday (I did baby's laundry but not my own). They still fit in thighs and bum :)

Sex: 4 weeks to go (give or take) for the big reveal!!!!! And then.. sexy time with hubby :)

Labor signs: I don't think so.

Belly button in or out: Still in, but gross. I wish it would pop.. right now it is just a long crank-mouth looking thing- like this \ only rotated 90 degrees.

Wedding rings on or off: On, no swelling at all, knock on wood.
Happy or moody most of the time: Stressed. Really stressed.

Looking forward to: 7 more work days and then leave starts. Also, HAVING A BABY! Holy crap.

Thought this was funny. See that black spot? It's a poppy seed- aka how big take two was when I found out I was expecting. Big change, eh?