Monday, April 10, 2017

Guess Who’s Back #microblogging Monday

Back again? Me! I’m home from London and mostly back to normal time wise. It is very confusing to be gone so far away for such a short time. 5 hours lost on Tuesday meant that I left home at 5:30am and got to the hotel at 10pm, but it ‘only’ felt like 5 in the evening. I got up the next morning at 6:30 local time.. which was 1:30am at home! I was presenting to a small room (about 25 people at 11am (6). Full day of meeting, brief foray to the Westminster Bridge/ Palace/ London eye (didn’t go on)  smoozy dinner and drinks then bed. Got up the next day at 7:30am, gave a presentation to over 100 people. Full day meeting and then left for the airport. Got on the plane at 8pm (after an airport beer) and landed at 10:10 pm home time. Sooooooo confusing! I did read two books on the planes. That was nice. Also, business class is the way to full- champagne when boarding and then wine with dinner!

I missed the kiddos so, so much. The first morning I was a little panicky I texted hum 3 times before 6am his time. All was well, though.

Kinsy said to me yesterday “Mama, I missed you when you were at airport. I wish you came with me” (aka he wishes I brought him with me). Apparently because he was at the airport for drop off and pick up, he thought I was just at the airport for 3 days. My poor bear, so confused.

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Monday, March 27, 2017

Buzz Buzz- Microblogging Monday

We are busy, busy bees.  I feel like there is no time to take a breath, never mind blog. Baby MG is sitting up (she can't get there on her own, but we can set her down and she stays (good girl, LOL). 

Kinsy is potty trained!!! He is still having a few accidents, but by and large he's done with daytime diapers. Took just a few days once we actually potty trained him.

We have something to do EVERY weekend day this month- bridal showers, Easter celebrations, dinner with friends and a quilting class for me! (this past weekend we had a professional family photoshoot and dinner with friends- one Easter celebration was canceled due to weather and moved to next weekend.)

Additionally, I leave for a work trip to London tomorrow. I'm only gone for a few days but I am really nervous leaving the kids (mostly MG) I haven't been away from her overnight, and haven't been away from kinsy overnight since I gave birth. I don’t like the idea of being 7 hours away by plane. 

Regardless, I AM looking forward to some time alone on the plane. I have two books to bring with me, some work to do in the kids' baby books. And I know, as with everything these days, the time will fly by.

Happy New Year!! Play Ball!

Buzzing off now! More to do, as always. 

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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Goals: Quarterly Update #1

Quarterly Update #1

1) Take some time off from family planning and enjoy the family I’ve built.
Enjoy the wonderful kids (and hub!) I have.
More or less. I have not really re-started my cycle (I had it once, when I had the stomach virus, but not since). I have mentioned trying again, again once or twice. Hub eventually suggested seeing a couples therapist.. so we’re pretty far apart in what we want additional kid wise:/

2) Read 12 books. Any books. Enjoy them.
I’ve read 2 and am starting a third:
The Whistler
Apprentice in Death
Don't You Cry

3) Run the June 5k in under 28 minutes. Still on here from 2 years ago 3 years ago.
I HAVE been running fairly consistently, with Hub still in school I can really only run Thurs-Sun, and I’m not really in the shape to run 4 days in a row. I aim for 3 runs in 7 days, but have been getting 3 runs in 8. Not too bad. I should be on week 11 of a 10K app, so this is in reach

4) Pay down 30,000 in debt and keep up with other money goals (college savings, retirement etc)- we’re doing Dave Ramsey. Working successfully so far.
Yes! I got a nice bonus and we’ve been really good with budgeting so we’re more than ½ way to goal J

5) Re-do the kitchen- at long last.
I REALLY hope this is this year, but I am waiting for a good price to sell some stock. All depends on the market.
We decided not to sell stock at the most recent opportunity. Will reassess next time. We don’t want to make the decision to sell and regret it. Clearly the kitchen is work-able- we’ve been in our home for 6 years.     
6) A few health goals: Lose 10 pounds, start yoga, keep up with vitamins, cut back on caffeine (down two 2 cups of tea and one other caffeinated item per day).
Big fail. I guess this needs to be my focus.
I did remember my vitamins though!

7) Become involved in my community. How? TBD. 
This is still a question mark.. thinking about it though

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Month Five

Month Five



Diapers- Size 2, comfortably. 

Milestones- Rolling both ways when she feels like it. She is not nearly as physical as kinsy-bear was. He was always wanting to be on the move. She is content to hang out where we put her. Though she does flap and wiggle enough to move herself off her blanket, or turn to look in the other direction. 

First Valentines day- so cute! 

First sick visit :( (see below)

Sleep- Still sleeping with me after the stomach bug scare of 2017. BUT I've been putting her to bed (in her crib!), upstairs, when I put Kinsy down. Previously I was letting her sleep in her rock-n-play from 8ish until my bedtime. She tends to wake up at about midnight- which is annoying since that is when night owl mama just turns in. Then she comes into my room in my bed. I'm going to start working to get her back asleep before I lay down and then putting her in the co-sleeper. Less sleep for me but more, safer sleep for her.  

Clothes- 0-3 Months are mostly over, but there are a few things she still wears; 3-6 months still big she sleeps in her Magic Merlin sleep suit

Eating- Same as last month: She still is on BM almost exclusively. She has a once-in-a-blue-moon formula bottle if we're out at night (hockey games, dinner with friends). I've nursed in public, but she doesn't like being under a blanket and I am large chested anyway. There are places I will nurse- dimly lit restaurants, the park and places I won't- bright, crowded hockey games. 

Likes- Yelling!

Sitting up (propped)

Biting stuff

Standing in this thing

Dislikes- Sleeping alone. Her 4 month shots.

Illness- She got a bad cold this month- we ended up taking her into the doctor.  Her O2 was a little low, but we were OK just to watch her. She gained 9oz in 2 weeks- no issue eating!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Discombobulated- microblog

Life is chaos right now. I’m drowning. I will never complain about having two kids. They are amazing and I could not be more grateful for them. But I am so, so tired. Hub has three classes this semester mon-wed nights. There are usually hockey games Friday and/or Saturday night. Then factor in a social visit a week and shopping- well we’re already out of time and we haven’t cleaned, slept or factored in appointments and self care. So my eyebrows are bushy, my laundry isn’t done and the house is cluttered.
I feel emotionally overwhelmed, but I think it is more related to some baby blues/ previously existing anxiety than anything serious. I have always been an anxious person, but I have found myself having some irrational fears. I am mostly ok, and am waiting it out a few more weeks. I really don’t want to go on medication and hurt milk supply/ waning fertility. We may try one more, one more time. We may just not prevent and see what happens.

My kids love each other, the struggle for Baby G was so, so worth it.

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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Month Four

Four Months

Weight- 14lbs 9oz From the pics you can see she got chunky this month! So much cheek!

Nicknames- Baby G, Little G, MG

Diapers- Size 2, comfortably. Of note, we actually switched to huggies over pampers. With Kinsy we tried them and they leaked, and another boy mom friend had the same situation. They gave us their leftover huggies to try with MG- and they work! And are cheaper! Win!!

Milestones- I went back to work 1/3, so MG started going to Nana and Papa's for babysitting Mon, Tues and Thursdays. I usually go over there Wednesdays as well, but we're all over there together. She is fine with it, but eats less than I would have thought she would, and she won't nap. Odd.  

First fancy dinner! We spent NYE with friends from out of town, we went into the city and went to a nice, harborside restaurant. She was a wonderful child, as always. 

Rolled over for the first time- on her transfer-versary!! I even got it on film :) (1/6) 

1.6 2016/ 1.6.2017

Really started watching, as kinsy would call them, her peoples. She tracks us around the room and smiles at us. Adorable. Whenever she does this kinsy says "She files at us" "sm" is not a sound my 3 year old can make so, so cute. 
We don’t give him the iPad very often, but I think it’s cute that when we do, he wants to be near MG

Sleep- MG is slipping on her awesome-ness in the sleep department. We had a stomach bug whip through the house and I was afraid she would get it and choke in her sleep. So I had her sleep with me.. and now it's been impossible to get her out of my bed. But she only wakes up twice in the night, but she does like to side nurse All. Night. Long. ugh

Clothes- 0-3 Months, snugly; 3-6 months roomily She sleeps in her Magic Merlin sleep suit

Eating- She still is on BM almost exclusively. She has a once-in-a-blue-moon formula bottle if we're out at night (hockey games, dinner with friends). I've nursed in public, but she doesn't like being under a blanket and I am large chested anyway. There are places I will nurse- dimly lit restaurants, the park and places I won't- bright, crowded hockey games. 

Likes- Kinsy mostly. Screaming - not sadly, just loudly. Looking at her mobile. 

Dislikes- Bath, she decided she hates her bath. Annoying. Sleeping alone. 

Illness- None, knock on wood!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Take Two is THREE

Where does the time go??

He’s Three

Wowzer. I cannot believe my baby boy is 3. Time slips quickly away. Thought I would give a three year update on my little guy :) (This is a modification of the baby ones I use for first months updates)

Nicknames- He calls himself Kinsy Bear sometimes. Haha. So Kinsy, Kins, and Kinsy Bear but also just his name. There isn’t really a nickname for it.

Weight- 34 pounds, 36.25 inches. This apparently makes him obese. We were told to expect him to gain some height in the next 3 months or so.. and to lay off the crackers. Oops (I swear he looks FINE)

Diapers- yes. Ugh. We’ve attempted to excite him about the potty, but he hasn’t taken to it at all. At first he cried when he suggest it and even said that he ‘loves” his diapers. Now were making more progress- but accidents are frequent. We are bribing him with a promise of a Lego fire station when he is diaper free. 

Milestones-   He's had an AMAZING language explosion. At 2 years he was sitting at about 50 words. This was low normal. Now he says amazing, complex things. "Look at all my vehicles, mama. They are driving down the road to work". 

He graduated from EI on his 3rd birthday, but honestly he didn't "need" it anymore anyway. 

He went on his first plane ride in April 

He became a big brother in September

He can jump, run, and climb. He is a wonderful little human

Sleep- He is a great sleeper. He usually naps for 2-3 hours in the afternoon starting between 1 and 2. Lucky me. He generally goes to be between 7-8:30 depending on if he napped in the day. He stays in his room until we get him in the morning. He is generally asleep until sometime between 6-7:30. He knows he can't get out of bed until the sun comes up. We get him between 7:30 and 8:30. He picks a toy to bring to bed with him the night before and plays with that in the morning. 

We actually had this blow up on us the day before he turned 3 he got a stomach virus and threw up in bed... but didn't come and get us :( We had been telling him that if he is sick or scared to come into mom and dad's room and get us..  but I guess he didn't understand. 

Clothes- a mix of 2T and 3T

Eating- He used to be a lot better about eating but now he has gotten picky. He mostly just likes breakfast. Cereal, cereal bars, .eggs, bacon, pancakes, bananas, apples. He also likes pizza (who doesn't?), tacos, and chicken. He likes rice and LOVES milk. 

Likes- Cars/trucks/ambulances/helicopters. His castle, baseball and hockey games. 

Dislikes- Potty, getting his hair washed

Illness- a stomach bug twice, a cold and 2 ear infections. Can't complain