Our Story Thus Far

Here is the play-by-play of our quest for take home our baby:

December 1999- Hub and I (supposedly) meet, I vaguely remember him, he actually remembers me.

Feb 2000- We meet again- and have a very large and public (verbal) fight. I win :)

May 2000- I break up with boyfriend- cue crying over dateless prom., A friend sets me up- with hub (she was a frenemy, I think she was trying to piss me off). He agrees.

May 19th 2000- Love at first dance.

June 23 2000- We officially start dating on my 17th birthday.

August 20th 2001- Hub leaves for 5 years of military college. Yuck. 

May 19th 2004- 4 years to the day from my prom, hub proposes!

September 1st 2006- Our wedding day!

February 2008- April 2009- Hub is away for military training

April 2009- November 2009- Start home buying process, start planning to TTC in 2009.. then get deployment orders. Life on hold.

December 2009- December 2010- Deployment. Double Yuck. Thought about TTC on his mid-tour leave- but it was the wrong two weeks. :( 7 more months of waiting

December 4th 2010- Hub home! 2 days later we’re both home, bought a house!

December 2009- March 2010- Readjustment to home life. Desperate to TTC.

March 2011-September 2011- TTC. Started to get antsy when…

September 19th 2011- BFP!!!

October 27th 2011- First ultrasound and first heartbeat.  Amazing.

November 4th 2011- Started spotting, another ultrasound- another beautiful look at my Blue Sunday.

November 7th 2011- NT scan. My mom and hub came. Took forever. First bad sign. NT 2.5 or 2.9 depending on which measure you went with. First blood draw for screening.
December 26th- Received a phone call- 1:5 odds of T18

December 27th- Amnio and level II ultrasound- only unusual finding was slightly short femurs- with two short parents everyone thought it would be okay.

December 29th- We're the one

January 4th 2012- Termination

February 2012- January 2013- TTC for 12 fruitless cycles.

January 2013- After 12 cycles TTC on our own. We're starting an infertility work-up!

Sperm Analysis week of 1/28/13- better than average count and motility, low morphology
Day 21 Bloods-Lat Jan/ early Feb 13- normal
Day 10 HSG repeat- Early February13- possibly blocked tube, GYN not concerned

3/4/13- first appointment with RE- requests re-do of SA, Bloods and an HSG
3/12/13- RE required appointments complete- waiting on results

April 2013- All normal, including open tubes.

4/2/13- Start 15th cycle TTC since termination: Clomid 100mg days 3-7, ovadril trigger Day 12, TI
4/24/13- Squinter BFP at 9DPO
5/2/13- 14DPO beta 349
1/8/14- Baby BOY Born healthy!!!!!!!!!

7/6/14- Cycle Returns

July-December 2014- TTC naturally. No luck

February - April- 3 BFNs (including 1 chemical) on 50mg Femara D3-7, trigger shot and TI

May- IUI#1-  50mg Femara D3-7, natural O= BFN

June- IUI#2- 50mg Femara D3-7, trigger shot= Chemical

On to IVF...

IVF #1 Meds started 7/8th


  1. I was drawn to your blog when I saw the title. I had an early first trimester miscarriage due to Trisomy 18. I'm sorry you had to go through that loss, but happy to read here that you had a baby boy! Wishing you the best of luck as you pursue baby #2.

    1. I'm sorry for you loss. Thank you so much! We're in it for the long haul at this point!