Thursday, August 7, 2014

It's Right on Time

Seriously, what are the odds?

Way back before Blue Sunday, my cycle was always 28 days exactly. No spotting, no cramps, no real PMS to speak of. After Blue Sunday, it was 15 cycles of randomness. 24 days, 32 days, 5 days of spotting, check, check, check.

Now, after a baby and while still breastfeeding I am exactly on time. 28 days after my first cycle, cycle 2 showed up. No spotting, no crazy symptoms.

Dare I say out-loud that may be, just may be, I won't have 15 cycles of hell this TTC round?

In slightly related news, the interview went well on Tuesday. I have a second round this coming Tuesday. Per my old (soon to be new-again?) boss all feedback was positive. YAY! May be I will hear before next week and TTC will start THIS MONTH?! Is that terrible form? Probably, right? Showing up minutes pregnant starting a new job?

Just for the record, my last cycle started 8/23 with Blue Sunday and my EDD was 5/31. These dates would be rather close- 8/3 with an EDD of 5/11. I know this upsets a lot of people, but where Bub is 4 days after my tx date, it would be nice to have some link to Blue Sunday with Bub's Little too.

Look at me all hopeful and smug.
And there it is, the Crazy is back.

It's right on time
It's right on time
It's right on time
Red Hot Chili Peppers, It's Right on Time

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