Tuesday, August 9, 2016

A Worried (Wo)Man with a Worried Mind #microbloggingMonday

Really, nothing has changed since my last posts. It's almost comical how little worrying does. 

Hub had his appointment on Friday, and they had him do an MRI that night. I looked at the CD of images they gave us. I am fairly certain I can point to where the fracture is, but of course, I got my radiology degree from Google U so what do I know? As of late Monday, we haven't heard back from the doc, though I didn't really expect them to call today. I'm hoping by Wednesday.

I had some significant pelvic pain on Sunday after going to the gym. The pain raidated into my thighs. It didn't feel like contractions, so I wasn't concerned really. My Google MD lead to me SPD. Hub was really worried so I called the midwife yesterday (after my morning meetings). I had to have a cervical check, AFP test, Urine test (UTI?) and then be on the NST. Nothing alarming. BUT baby is definitely breech. we could find his/her head firmly in my top right hand side. Yesterday I am SURE baby was head down (kicking in top of uterus, hiccups at the bottom, more classic belly shape and movement). I am NOT impressed. 

So all in all- no change for hub- still assuming his foot is broken. He is still not really taking care of himself. Baby still breech, not much to do there. ugh

A worried man with a worried mind
No one in front of me and nothing behind

Bob Dylan, Things Have Changed

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