Friday, June 16, 2017

Month Eight

Month Eight

Weight- ? no recent weights I'd guess she's 17-ish pounds

Diapers- Size 2 but needs a 3, finishing out the box!


MG is on the move! She started a crawling approximation! She gets on hands and knees and then pushes her toes into the ground. She can get some forward momentum. But mostly backward momentum!

She also can sit herself up from laying down And on May 17th she did this!
And now she does it all the time ;)

First flight! We went to California and had a blast!
We went on a real plane too

First time in the pool- she didn't like it at first but ended up loving it

We took both kids mini-golfing for the first time. MG figured out how to nurse in her carrier. Here we are when she was done, and one of kinsy because he's cute

Sleep- By the end of this month she was in her own bed until about 2AM, up for feeding, back in her bed in our room until 3:30. Some days I can settle her when she wakes up and get her back into the little bed. Othertimes no. Progress.

Clothes- Between a 3-6 and 6-9 months- can wear one but it's a little small and the other but it's a little big.  

Still sleeping in a Zippity-zip . This has become a necessity. She likes to pinch as she nurses she has done this since she was tiny, but now she's strong. The zippity-zip keeps her hands covered. 

EatingShe is still breastfeeding All. Night. Long. As well as once in the morning, when I get home from work and before bed on work days. I usually add 2 more feedings in the day on days I'm home. 
She also gets a meal of solids once a day- usually a puree. We're also tried egg a few times this month- and plenty of carby foods she can hold onto an gnaw- like bread, sweet potato fries etc. Also, she tried some chicken.

Standing up
Kins is still her favorite person 
She really likes wind blowing on her (she is SUPER sweaty)
DislikesSleeping alone. Getting stuck in a place she can't stand up/ crawl away from