Saturday, July 8, 2017

2 Years Ago, 2 Years From Now....

2 years ago today- I started meds for IVF cycle #1. The cycle that made MG.

It doesn’t feel that it could be that long ago- though it’s been a busy 2 years!

Hub and I have agreed to one more, one more try. I KNOW! I said I would leave it alone for a year, we made it 9 months. I’d like to cycle before year end 2016 (as I inch closer to 35 and AMA land). The plan for now is to start a buttload of vitamins, start  working out and cutting back caffeine. After our September vacation we’ll go back to the clinic and I will wean MG (whhhaaaaaa). Goal to cycle in November or early December. Assuming my ovaries haven’t checked out. My numbers could be bad enough that we don’t bother. I don’t have the drive for a third child to raise the way I did for a second. We won’t consider donor egg at this time (NOT because I view it as a less-than choice- mostly because the expense to us vs. the lack of expense for own egg IVF and the fear of non-genetic kid would feel less than his/her siblings).

If we are lucky enough to get a good embryo- the goal would be to transfer when MG is 2 ish- making us 2 years away from a potential bavby

A few questions for any vets of IVF after successful IVF:

Should I/ Did you pursue a second opinion? I have a few concerns- our 3rd IVF nothing fertilized (nothing was 4 eggs). At our next appointment our Doc mentioned that we would do ICSI for any future IVF cycles and that this would now be covered with insurance for cause. In the prior two cycles, we had- 4 of 8 mature fertilized in our first (with 2 unfert actually fertilized but with multiple sperm) and 4 retrieved ? mature 2 fertilized in our second (WHY didn’t I write the number of mature???). Was this always a fertilization in addition to everything else?

Male factor? Does failure to fertilize mean  male factor? Usually our embryos (the 7 we made) would fail after the day 3 call. I think I have heard that is male issue, but we are always blaming my shitty eggs.

I am going to try a bunch of supplements (most of which I don’t believe in to be honest) What have you tried? Anything work? I am still breastfeeding- so I want it to be safe (or start after weaning).

Has anyone tried IVF after success and decided to stop without conceiving again? I feel like once I start it’s hard to stop.. that makes me worried. 


  1. I think you hit the nail on the head with the drive not being the same. That's how I feel about having a second. I will add that I swear by Eastern Medicine for this stuff, but what worked for me might not work for you as our issues are different. My Dr. is a big advocate of the Keto diet and all things alternative medicine.

  2. These are the supplements that I took before IVF #1- I also took them while trying for IVF #3 (which ended with no retrieval and an IUI.....however I did get pregnant naturally right afterwards).