Thursday, August 16, 2012

CD 9 and getting excited

Update on Attempted Baby Making

Here I am on CD 9 (or 10 depending on how you count) I got my first "high" today, which is perfect. We've been Bding every other day for the week before I expected O. We BDed CD 5, 7 and should tonight.  We started with pre-seed this month as well.. which I like (and so does hub :) ) I only use one gram, I have heard it being too much if you follow the recommendations on the package, I imagine that is correct, I can't imagine 2 additional grams. (Cue-: Slip Slidin' Away). We are FOCUSED this month, but not so focused that we forget to have fun :) Unfortunately hub came home from Army with a nasty cold and a slight fever. I'm trying to ignore the worry that his swimmers are affected. 


We are focused this month because when hub came home from Army, aside from his cold, he brought bad news that he was missing our anniversary, our planned trip AND my next fertile cycle. I am pissed. Mostly at Army, at some other people who need their presence, and at him. Unfair? May be, but he told me in a really shitty way. If I was going to miss a pre-planned, important event because of work (not out of the realm of possibility) I would come home with that news, some yummy food (he can bring flowers) and say something like "I'm really sorry, but I found out today I have to be gone from X to X and I know I'm missing A, B and C. Plan a trip for next month, your choice, even if it is seeing that musical you want to see in NYC" NOT "I am going away again from X to X. It is a really cool mission though." For the record after I blew up, reminded him about our anniversary and stormed around for a while he apologized. I asked him which he preferred- me thinking he was an idiot and forgot our anniversary or me thinking he is unfeeling and didn't care that he was missing it. He chose idiot.   

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