Monday, November 11, 2013

32 Weeks: Pregnancy Meme

Bi-weekly Update:

How far along: 32 Weeks, 2 days. Somehow it just hit me that I should have only 3 of these left, 34, 36 and 38. In theory 40 is delivery day right? A girl can dream....

Baby is the size of a: Squash! I don't like eating squash AT ALL.  The Internet tells me baby should be between 2.5- 3.8 lbs... Since baby was 2.14 at week 28 I'm thinking baby is on the big side if the scale. 

Total weight gain: At last update, 2 weeks ago, I was up 14 from nadir, 8-ish from start of pregnancy. Now I am up another pound. Slow and steady. If I can keep .5 a week, I'll Ganesh about 20 total... Which is fine by me. 

Maternity clothes: You know it. 

Stretch marks: Last time was a false alarm, but I swear I saw 3 new ones consorting with a few on my hip that appeared in puberty. The are inconspicuous enough, so it's fine by me at this point. 

Sleep: What I wouldn't give for a good sleep......

Best moment since last update: I got my first baby present from the registry!! My aunt (dad's sister) sent me the Ergo carrier. I am so excited!!! 

Miss anything: Being comfortable and sex. Just putting it out there. 

Movement: Yep, a lot. Having fun with guess the body part!

Food cravings: I had buffalo chicken dip for dinner Sunday :( gross, but yummy. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: Still getting sick at least twice a week. 

Have you started to show yet: Starting to get comments like "you won't make it to your due date." Apparently giant baby is starting to become giant mom

Sex: 8 weeks to go (give or take) for the big reveal

Labor signs: No, but I'm going to pack a bag soon

Belly button in or out: Still in, but shallow and stretched.

Wedding rings on or off: On, no swelling at all, knock on wood.
Happy or moody most of the time: Sick, so not so happy at the moment

Looking forward to: My shower and my parents coming home from vacation. Parents are back tomorrow and shower is Sunday!!

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