Saturday, April 5, 2014

Love That Dirty Water: a Reprise

I cannot believe I have to write a second post like this. Just about a year ago, I posted this. My beloved city, my marathon Monday had been altered, sullied by bombs. 3 innocent young people- a child and 2 young women- were killed. Scores were injured. People lost limbs, hearing and their sense of security.

Now We are rocked by a different type of tragedy. A massive fire destroyed a home in the heart of the city. Conditions were very windy and the building was old. 2 firefighters were trapped in a basement and they died. 

The city is shocked. 


It's brought the tragedy of the marathon back to the forefront. 

The men who were killed in that fire- lieutenant Walsh and firefighter Kennedy- were from the firehouse located on the street where the marathon ends. Their house, engine 33 and ladder 15, was the first to respond to the marathon. Now not quite a year later, the men of that house are forced to face loss and tragic death again. 

This event hit much closer to him for me. My best friend from college has been dating a firefighter for 5 years now. His cousin is their close friend and is also a firefighter. The men who died were in his house. It was his job to lead the team who extracts firefighters in danger. His team attempted but were unsuccessful in getting out Walsh and Kennedy before it was too late. 

Mike Kennedy know many if the same people and I know him in passing. His girlfriend of 10 years is the best friend of an aquantience of mine. His best friend is a friend of mine. That friend is the man who carried his helmet into the funeral (the cover from 4/4/14). Mike's wake was held in my neighborhood, the funeral procession went through the center of my town. His funeral was at the church my brother graduated from high school in (we attend the other parish in the neighborhood). 

Liam and I walked down to watch his casket be lifted onto the firetruck and make it's way to the church. My while wonderful town was out, lining. The streets. Kids from the local school, retirees, women like me with babies. The local bar set up a free breakfast for anyone passing through town that morning. It was heartbreaking and wonderful. 

Hold your loved ones a little tighter, perform an act of kindness for your civil servants. You never know when a tragedy will strike.

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