Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Crazy, Beautiful Life

Things are still crazy and getting crazier. I started back at work, from home, 20 hours a week. Hub thinks I'm catching up on work right now, but instead I am reading and writing blogs. What he doesn't know won't hurt him, right? I never get any Lizzy time. For the most part I don't mind in the least. No me time because I have a baby is just fine in my book. I am feeling much better now that I  am working some. It sounds counter-intuitive that when I have more to do I feel like I have more time, but the inertia of motherhood was weighing me down. With work, I have to get up and get organized. Liam, as it turns out, will stop fussing if I just let him be for 5 minutes of so. Who knew?

Hub took a management position much bigger than the one he was in previously. He's now taking home work. On nights like tonight, when we both have work to do it gets a little hairy. I gave him first shift working and I minded bub. Who screamed (he wants daddy when daddy is home). I got him to settle after almost an hour. I told him two stories and he fell asleep for about 30 minutes. That NEVER happens. Of course, that was when hub "took over". He is currently sleeping on the couch. The house is a disaster, we haven't had dinner and bub is awake (but not crying, yet). Since he is being negligent.. I am blogging.

All in all, things are great here. Bub is growing like a weed, but my home scale he's about 12.5 pounds now! He is smiling and cooing and has started to laugh. He smiles when we kiss him, at the dog and when he's in his playgym- some of his favorite things! He sleeps awesome at night, terrible in the day.  He loves being naked. Unfortunately, winter hasn't left New England. He's starting to warm up to baths. He is a love-bug, a joy and has made my life a million times brighter.

I owe you several posts, about work and about a horrible loss to a mother in a chat group I belong to, but I really need to do that work now. Hub is now awake, holding bub and cooking :)

Morning post bed share snuggle.

I'm in love, alright
With my crazy, beautiful life

Kesha, Crazy, Beautiful Life

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  1. I love this! Those mornings when Sprout would nurse in bed and fall right back to sleep with me were the best.