Wednesday, July 23, 2014

6 Months of The Littlest


Bub is now SIX (!!) months old. Where has time gone? He's almost 28 weeks. I can't believe he's been in my life so long, and then, how short a time it really has been.

Kins at 6 months

Cutest kid ever, right? (your own excluded :) )
For reference, Liam at 2 weeks!

What we call him/ Growth update- I have been calling him "The Littlest" and "Small Son" most recently. He is still just a little man in terms of weight. He weighed 16.5lbs at his 6 month appointment, gaining 2 pounds and 2 inches since his 4 month. This puts him right about the 25th percentile. At the 4 month appointment they were concerned about his head circumference and length by proxy. He has always been long and lean, (about the 75% for length) but he was slightly off his curve. Length and head circumference are closely linked, I wouldn't worry about length (we're short) but head made me scared. Pedi said they weren't concerned and on track weight and off-track length usually means the baby is in a growth spurt and they just saw them right before he grew. Turns out the pedi was right! Phew. Kins is back on his curve :)

Joys- Kins he is just The Best. He remains a happy, smiley little babe. He still loves the bath and the pool is growing on him. He really hates being cold, and the water in the pool is still chilly.
Mama, I don't know about this

He loves bananas and sweet potatoes and even rice cereal. He HATES peas and carrots. He will tolerate carrots and green beans. So far we have made all of our own baby food, we'll see how long it lasts. 

He is starting to get ready to crawl, he brings he knees up under him and rock back and forth. To move forward, he flings himself forward as he rocks. It is so funny. 

The best part? He started (mostly) sleeping through the night! He sometimes gets up around 3 hours after he goes to bed and usually goes back down with a snuggle. He's usually up about 5:30 to eat, get kisses and a diaper change. Just recently he's started to go back to bed after :)

Challenges- None? He really is wonderful. I guess one challenge is I miss him like crazy when I'm at work. For something real (ish) please see above where I talk about how he hates veggies.

Developments-Baby boy is on the move! He can roll to where he wants to go, he is about to crawl (see above). He can sit up for long periods of time, provided I sit him up. He makes "mamama" and "babba" baby sounds. I know they are not associated with anything, but it makes me happy anyway.

General- Though I was adamant he wouldn't watch TV, we do occasionally put it on for background noise. He perks right up (and stops fussing!) for music and kid voices, so sometimes we watch Dinosaur Train together. It's a pretty great show.

So spoiler... we got Kins baptized. This will be its own post

Please excuse the HORRIBLE kitchen.

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  1. He is adorable! I could just eat him up! I'm so glad you are enjoying little Bub so much! Sounds like he is doing really well.