Monday, November 10, 2014

#MicrobloggingMonday Wonderful Week

My parents are away and we've been juggling our child care. My in-laws watched him for the first week and half. Kins was sick, getting a tooth in, off-schedule and just generally unhappy. I assume he misses my parents and he really isn't used to my in-laws. It was a rough time.

Hub and I took off Wednesday-Tuesday (trough tomorrow) and is has been so fun! He is so, so different than when I was on maternity leave- which was the last time we've spent any significant time hanging around the house with him. He has (much to my relief) started babbling (better late than never!). He stands up, tries to balance without support, plays chase and with all his toys. He is just the best kid ever. I hope we have another :)


  1. What a happy little guy! Look at him in that exercauser: "Just another day at the office"!

  2. Happy boy. Glad circumstances got you that time together.