Tuesday, August 11, 2015


I have been feeling OK about the wait for my embryo transfer and truly trying to soak in the moments of true joy my bub gives me. I've realized I've been living in terms of my cycle and not in what I already have. You'd think after Blue Sunday I'd remember that lesson on my own. Blarg.  

So. All was well in the waiting front, but then today I got a call from my RE's office that they are rescheduling me from 8/18 (a week from today) to 9/16. I am disappointed. So disappointed in fact that I wrote the following e-mail to my nurse: 

No response yet, she is usually right on top of it, so I am hoping she is working on 'finding' an appointment, even though I was told nothing is available by the woman rescheduling me. I'll keep you posted, 

Hi Nurse, 

This is Lizzy. I was trying to wait for my appointment which was scheduled for a week from today to ask a few questions, but it was just rescheduled for 5 weeks from now (9/16/2015). 

I started my cycle on 7/26, which was the Sunday after my Tuesday egg retrieval. I started birth control then, but have been spotting since. Is this OK? While on the topic of birth control, am I to just continue taking it until my appointment on 9/16? This is 7 weeks on BCP. 

I need to say before I close that I am disappointed and upset with how this process has been since egg retrieval. My retrieval was 7/21, I spoke to the doctor on 7/23 (4 awesome looking embryos). I called to prompt results both 7/21 and 7/27 (for biopsy results). I didn't hear from Dr. that day (you gave me the results- 1 made it to biopsy and freeze). My husband and I were very upset at the results and have been looking forward to speaking with doc next week. I felt that the 3+ weeks from biopsy to follow-up appointment was long, and now we will be waiting even more. I think 8 weeks is a very long wait. I know that it is the summer time, and that you're very busy, but I have a lot of questions about my response, the growth of my embryos and most importantly how and when we will be transferring my embryo.  

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