Monday, August 10, 2015

Re-evaluating Time #MicroBlogigng Monday

In light of my friend’s tragedy on Tuesday (and please leave love and advice on that post), I am re-evaluating the way I spend my time.  I wanted to travel to the celebration of life on Saturday, but due to a variety of factors I was unable to. I didn’t want the weekend slip away, as so many do, in a flurry of chores, watching TV, playing games on the phone and going to the gym. I packed up my precious boy, my husband and couple we are friends with. We headed to a camp ground. We unplugged for the most part (grand-parents require a check in and moments must be captured on film). Baby Flynn was not far from our minds or hearts. Neither was Blue Sunday. 

Bub loved camping.  He loved playing outside, exploring the world and being the center of our universe.  I am so, so lucky.

At one point the 4 adults concluded that if between the 4 of us, the only child is bub, we still have hit a home run.

I couldn’t agree more.

Time is too short, life is far too fragile.

Sometimes you can't be with the one you love, honey
Love the one you're with

Crosby Stills Nash,  Love The One You're With


  1. It is important to take that time to step back and breathe. Especially after you get those wake up calls. I'm glad you were able to capture these moments.

  2. So important to make the most of moments we have got, of people and life around us...We never know what changes when..So, you did really good.