Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Month Three

Three Months


Weight- No current official weight

Nicknames- Baby G, Little G, MG

Diapers- Size 1, but we need to go to size 2. Just finishing out the last box

Milestones- The biggest one is ALL. THE. COOING. It is so funny after Mute Kins to have this baby who “talks” she rapidly went from making sounds to full on back and forths with us. She tries to copy the length and pitch of our sounds. She works so hard at it. You see her screw up her little face and kick her legs and arms and then try and mimic. Incredible.

Big social smiles continue, consistent 5-6 hours of sleeping, really noticing and following the movements of the people and pets she loves.

First trip out of our home state,

First trip to a museum

First Christmas and visit from Santa!!

OBVIOUSLY best gift ever :)

Christmas morning

Sleep- MG is a rock star honestly. She sleeps in her rock n' play downstairs with us from around 8 until I go to bed, usually around 11. I put her in her sleep suit, nurse her and then I put her in her little co-sleeper and she sleeps until 4am usually. I nurse her again and depending on mood put her back in the co-sleeper or keep her in with me. She gets up about 6:30 nurses and either goes back to sleep with me until I get up or we get up for the day. Very rare for her to really cry in the night. She’s usually good for 2 1 hour-2 hour naps along with little cat naps throughout the day.

Clothes- 0-3 Months, comfortably

Eating- She hasn’t taken formula in about 2 months now, she is exclusively BFed but will need to figure out eating expressed milk for when I go back to work next week. She eats every 3.5-4 hours or so, except our 4-6 hour stretch at night.

Likes- Kinsy and the rest of her family. Being held, baths, car rides and sitting up on my lap.

Dislikes- ummmm This kid is SO easy I can’t think of anything! Tummy time for more than 10 minutes.

Illness- None, knock on wood!

Of Note- She does an awesome baby push-up and tries to pull her legs under her. I think she sees kinsy moving around and wants to be on the go too. 

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