Monday, January 2, 2017

Goals 2016 wrap-up

I liked keeping track of my goals in past years, so I’m doing it again- but now before I wrap up my goals from 2016 (which I never updated… oops)

1)    Resolve: Hub and I have decided that at the end of this year we want to have created all the embryos we're going to create (including donor). We can do FETs into 2017, but we want off this merry-go-round. So we may close the door with one at least semi-bio kid (we may pursue adoption after a family building break)
a.     This should be a resounding done! MG is here and she is wonderful. So wonderful I want another. I KNOW… bad IF lady. I told hub we'll talk about it later.

2) Read 12 books. I have 11 on my list and one wildcard. Any suggestions? I read a wide variety, but am not counting pulp fiction type books (I like J.D.Robb and teen lit as a guilty pleasure but am not counting them)

a.     Hmmm I’m not sure what to call this one. As it turns out I don’t like reading from lists. I read the following:
Where’d you go Bernadette * (fantastic)
Me Before You * (it was good but I knew how it would end from the get-go)
Me After You (Better than its prequel Me Before You)
The 5th Wave -The 5th Wave trilogy #(I really liked this)
The Infinite Sea -The 5th Wave trilogy #(this too)
The Last Star -The 5th Wave trilogy #(not so much)
Grey Mountain (Not the best, but entertaining)
The Armies (interesting, I like Spanish literature)
And a bunch of Chick lit and crime fiction junk. I was pregnant and sick LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

*On the list
#Strictly speaking this is teen lit and I said I wouldn’t include it.. oops

3) Run the June 5k in under 28 minutes. Still on here from 2 years ago. oops (though I was pregnant and it was 90+ out that day. Last year I was just a little too slow)
          a. Pregnant again- this time 20-ish weeks! I think I did it in 38 minutes. Not terrible

4) Pay down my mortgage (not off obviously aiming for about 10,000 extra dollars)
          a. I paid about 28,000 in debt. Go me!

5)Re-do the kitchen- at long last
          a. Nope. This year.. may be


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