Sunday, April 21, 2013

Clomid: Round One Redux

I have been horrible at tracking my Clomid journey for all of you. As I mentioned here, I was lazy, and had a horrible headache in the beginning of my cycle and then this happened and my journey stopped seeming so important.

Though it is true that the loss of 4 people and the grave injury of many, many others makes my loss and IF struggle seem small, it still is a journey that is important, and one I want to share. Without further ado:

Clomid, Month One.

AF started April 2nd and clomid 100mg started CD3, April 5th. I started it late in the evening and woke up with a headache that dissipated throughout the day. I thought that that would be the pattern, but unfortunately, it seemed to build so that by the end of the 5 medicated days, I had a headache constantly. By CD10 or 11, I was feeling better. I was very moody. I cried a lot and several times was irrationally angry with hub.  All in all though, I think that I did rather well and will take it again.

On CD12, which was Saturday the 13th, I went into the RE for a follicle scan. I was also supposed to get blood drawn but forgot in my early morning haze (the appointment was at 9am and I had been over a friend's new house the night before until way too late). Even with that hiccup, the day went perfectly. I had two beautiful, mature follicles, one 22mm and one 24mm. I thought it was interesting because my OPKs had been starkly negative. I am hoping that that is the reason that I have been unable to get pregnant - that I'm not ovulating when the eggs are ripe.

So Saturday afternoon we triggered. I didn't want to give myself the shot so hub did it for me. It stung and I didn't like the feeling of the medication going in, but all in all it wasn't horrible. I felt a bit nauseous for a few days but nothing unbearable.

We had a good go at it Sunday, Saturday was okay, I just didn't feel like it was going to work... I don't really know why. On Monday, we planned on DTD late in the day. Hub's brother is moving to New Mexico with people we in NO way approve of (story for a later date) and he was stressed. We tried to DTD early in the day, but it just wasn't happening.

Then at 3:50 the bombings occurred, and hub was gone away with the Army within an hour. He came home for a few hours on Tuesday night and we DTD, but by then I think it was too late. I didn't see him again until yesterday, when I went to the Red Sox game where he was doing his Army thing. He was able to sit with us for a few innings, which was nice. There was a really beautiful tribute to the victims, the public safety folks and the community. Here is the view from our seats:

So that's the update, I'm not feeling hopeful for this month, but at least I know how my body responds to the  medication, and I know how long it takes for my body to start clearing the trigger (below is the progression from trigger day to today- almost out!) . Hub calls it my science experiment.

My follow up appointment is Thursday evening.


  1. I didn't feel very good on Clomid either. Definitely "headachy" and such and VERY emotional. :( I'm glad it didn't last too long and hope this is just the trick! :)

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