Wednesday, April 10, 2013

So Much To Say

I have been a terrible blogger and have tons to say. There will have to be a bunch of posts over the next several days. An overview:

I did not lose my job, it was 2 harrowing, stressful and sad weeks though. We're left with 50% staff.

I figured out my remaining best work friend is pregnant (Ray). And confronted her about it because I'm crazy-cakes. We're still friends.

I'm on clomid this cycle!! I have a horrible headache, hence half of the reason I haven't posted.

Also I have a goals update and should probably publicly confess my shoe problem.

Here is one pair.. cute right?

Stay tuned.

so much to say, so much to say, so much to say, so much to say
'Cos here we have been standing for a long long time
can't see the light
treading trodden trails for a long long time
Dave Matthews Band, So Much To Say


  1. Yes, those shoes are SUPER cute! And I'm glad you still have a job! That is such good news! But, stressful that your friend is pregnant. It's always, always hard. :/

  2. Hi there! fellow Bostonian! of course I chose to comment on this post because love DMB and my blog is named after that song!! ha! I saw your blog listed on Katy's blog and thought I would say hello. (I lost a baby in 2007 at 18 weeks and also have had clomid with my daughter). Anyway, just wanted to say hi.

    1. Hi Colleen! Thanks for reading (and commenting!) I'm sorry for you loss, and so happy you've had your rainbow. This is such a stressful process. I also love DMB :) I went went they played at Fenway a few years back!