Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Prayin' for Daylight

I am praying for daylight. Tomorrow's daylight.

That's not even right, I'm waiting for tomorrow at 4:30.

And then waiting for the results of my beta.

Before anyone gets too excited (or closes this blog :( ) I have no idea if I'm pregnant.

Well, may be I have a teeny tiny idea, that I am terrified is going to crush me tomorrow, or Friday. Or eventually.

I am disordered in this post and in my mind, let me try and pull it together for you. Remember this post?

I said:

I know how long it takes for my body to start clearing the trigger (below is the progression from trigger day to today- almost out!) .

Apparently I was wrong. Here is the progression as of last night:

I know you can't really see any lines in the last three sticks in the first picture. I don't know why I even uploaded them... The second picture is just the more recent three.

I don't think you can tell here at all, but in real life the line between 2 days ago and yesterday is clearly darker in the more recent test. I had hub do a blinded test and handed him the two sticks and asked him which was darker. After he gave his answer I had him switch the hand he was holding each one in, in case it was a trick of the light. Still, the one from yesterday was darker than the one from two days ago.

The one I took this morning looked darker than the one from Sunday and possibly darker than the one from Yesterday, but it was hard to tell, because it was still damp.

Then tragedy happened. Hub knocked part of "science experiment' into the toilet (That's what he calls my POAS habit). The one from this morning did survive, but most of the recent ones are now wet. (Toiled was flushed and I saved them, though they might be useless).

I showed the pictures to Ray (my pregnant work friend) and she thinks they are starting to get darker- not lighter. Also my boobs are KILLING me... I don't remember if that usually happens? I know they get sore, but I never remember the quality of the feeling.

Anyway: 11 days post trigger, 10DPO. 1 day and 5 hours from my appointment. Cervix firm and closed. No spotting.

Prayin' for daylight
I don't want to spend another lonely night
I don't want to spend another lonely night
Prayin' for
Rascal Flatts, Prayin' For Daylight

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