Monday, October 13, 2014

Leaving on a Jet Plane #microbloggingMonday


On Wednesday morning I leave for 4 days in London! I am working Thursday and Friday, but should get in some sight-seeing on Wednesday and Saturday. I would be so excited, but I am leaving my boys home :( I have only been away from kins 2 nights, (1 night away twice) both within a few hours drive and only for about 24 hours. Of course, this trip comes just as he's getting really upset when I leave- for work, for the bathroom. AND I was just home sick all but Monday of last week-8 of the last 9 days we were hanging out.

It's going to be odd to be away from Hub, too. We're used to spending time apart- it was as recently as this blog started that we had been apart for more of our relationship than together. I had been teasing him for saying he would miss me when I'm gone for "so long". We realized in the course of that conversation that since he got out of the Army in November 2013, he's only been away one night at a time a handful of times (for work).

Again, I marvel at what a difference a year can make.

Also, kins is sick, thanks to me. Look at these sad eyes :(

He's still cute though:

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