Sunday, December 14, 2014

Another One Down

BFN 2.

I actually tested this time- on day 29. I was 4 days late (though I didn't do OPKs this time, so it may not have been "late" just reacting to delayed Ovulation). I had a hope there for a minute of being one of those women who have an oops pregnancy after ART. This is not a cycle I wanted to conceive on, but it was still sad. It was made slightly better that I got my official invitation for being in the September wedding (the one I was delaying conception for) the evening I got the BFN. I would have been due less than 2 weeks before the ceremony.

I called and got my schedule of visits for the RE round 2.

Here we go again!

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  1. BFNs are :(. Especially after a late period. Here you go again...but you can do it! Merry Christmas! Is the Sept. wedding local? Because Oct is a perfect time of year to have a baby and Jan/Feb is the right timing for that. :)