Wednesday, December 10, 2014

RE Update

We had our appointment with the RE a week ago today. As always, our doctor was honest, straightforward and funny. He told me he wouldn't discuss anything until we showed him baby pictures. He joked about how there was no second-guessing bub's paternity.   He explained how he anticipated no changes in our baseline information from last time (just under 2 years ago now) but that the insurance required a complete re-do with the exception of genetic screening which we can skip and doing an SPG rather than an HSG (saline rather than dye).

He did caution us that though he expects the same overall result (pregnancy) we can't assume that we will have a first cycle pregnancy again. I know that.. I know I will be super disappointed when we don't get a first cycle positive.. but it isn't realistic.

We are planning on the exact same protocol after a month of testing. Just need AF to show up again, which should be in the next 2-5 days. Knowing my awesome luck and fantastic knack for coincidental dates I'm sure it will start on Monday- making day 3 (blood draw day) Wednesday and bub's first speech appointment. Which means unless I can get in REALLY early, I'll miss testing this month. 

RE did have another word of caution. The risk of twins goes from 2% to 8-12% for a clomid cycle. That is a 300%-500% increase. YIKES. It would have been hard to have twins when I was hoping for my first take home baby. I don't know how I would manage 3 under 2. That isn't even a saying it's so insane. I'm sure we would do just fine and I would rather 2 than 0, but I still am hoping to add to our family one at a time. 

I'll keep you posted!

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