Wednesday, December 10, 2014

So Baby Talk To Me

So I left you all hanging, I did have my reasons ;)

Did I update here that Kins waves now? He started the day before EI came out. Of course. That day he also started saying rarara with some frequency (usually to the cats, he waves and says rara to cats… so cute!). I was feeling pretty silly when I saw him doing those things knowing I had raised the alarm.  Had I not yet scheduled the assessment I might have put it off- which would have been wrong of me.

The Early Intervention appointment was a week ago today. It went as I expected it to when I was being honest with myself and not crazy. Kins is a rock star at a lot of things. He is very social (thank goodness). He turned when he was called, he smiled and waved at the 3 testers. He was so interested in them, and in our interaction with them. A lot of the questions they asked me they would ask and then say “I can see he does ____ (whatever they were asking about).” Before they had really set up one commented “He is SO social” That was a HUGE relief and I felt much better about the whole appointment from that moment on.

Kins is also very physical. He is ahead of age range in his fine and gross motor skills. He is curious and that gave him a very good score in his problem solving section- I had to laugh- Kins is a problem CREATER, not a solver. There was one really cute moment (there were lots, but one to share). The tester had a little toy dog that she played with and then put under a cloth napkin, asked where was the dog was and then pulled it off. She did this a few times and then pretended to hide the dog in the napkin again, actually hid it in her lab and told Kins to find it. While she was doing this, she told me kids his age don’t usually do this one well. He pulled off the napkin, looked for the toy, sat back down and looked all around himself, crawled off and looked at where he had been sitting. It was SO CUTE. The ladies were all excited, “oh he’s really looking for it!” 

All that aside, bub is REALLY quiet. Even with his new Rarara (which he did while they were there), he scored a 67 when the normal range is 85-115 and 77 qualifies for services. They largely feel that he’s behind because he is focused on other things. He has good receptive language, so we know that he learns and understands. There are issues though- (small I, issues)- he doesn’t mimic sounds or sticking out his tongue. He doesn’t have a wide range of noises in his sound dictionary. He doesn’t alter tone a heck of a lot. He doesn’t make sounds while playing- me makes them when he wants something. They will be working with him starting next week (this week the person assigned to us is on vacation). They seem confident that this is a single issue and nothing global or likely to be lingering long term. (Phew).

So I feel vindicated. EVERYONE in our lives told us nothing was off with him. I knew, I knew something was going on. I want to afford him every chance, every step-up in the world. THAT’S why I pushed.  He is the best thing I have ever experienced, if he NEVER speaks I will still feel that way.

Can you stand how cute he is!?  And that's an electric candle.. Just in case Soemone is concerned ;)

So Baby Talk To Me

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  1. I'm so glad you got some answers. And YOU know your baby way better than anyone else. I'm so glad you listened to your instincts.