Friday, September 25, 2015

IVF #2: Retrieval Day Update

We are spending my post-surgery time researching adoption. 

That's really enough to tell you how it went right?

Of 9 follicles seen on Wednesday, we got 4 eggs. We'll hear tomorrow how many were mature and fertilized. Last cycle it was 10r -->8m -->4 fertilized --> 4 at day 3 --> 1 at day 5. 

Given that, we're accepting that this is a bust. 

I know stranger things have happened, I also know that we have a rather severe egg quality issue and that cycles with few eggs rarely produce pregnancies (38% per the link for my age and number of eggs).  

So we will implant Surya-Scott at our earliest opportunity and in the mean time research adoption- I don't know where to begin. I have 2 IRL contacts for adoption and 1 from the internet.. if anyone here can help- I would greatly appreciate it. 


  1. We have been busy with a move and I'm SO behind on reading blogs and I'm SO sorry to hear this update on IVF #2. I don't know how to find your email address from your profile , but you can email me at lareinaisabel at gmail dot com. I will share as much as you'd like but I hope and pray you don't have to go that route!

  2. Huge huge hugs. I am still holding out hope for Surya-Scott. I completely understand why you are not,so allow me to do the lifting on your behalf, because I know how exhausting it is.