Monday, September 28, 2015

#Microblogging Monday Where to Start

The song tells me that one should "Start at the very beginning" and that it is a "very good place to start". This is all well and good, but where oh where is the beginning?

I feel like looking into adoption is like trying to untangle a string of Christmas lights (one not put on one of the handy-dandy light rollers, of course). I am just looking at the lump of wires and bulbs, still haven't even found the plug on one end. I’m just pulling the string at random, not knowing how close to the beginning the section I'm working on is.  

From the few people I have spoken to, (and I have more to contact), I have been sent in a few different directions:

Decide on a country and age range
Talk to a few agencies (but watch of for ones with fees! Or may be they are OK actually…)
Know you're done with the fertility treatments
Think about debt/home study roadblocks/ other skeletons

Ugh. I don't know where to go from here. We have the therapist we see who is an adoptive father- we may ask him.

I wasn't going to add this but just to be fair- one additional egg went on to fertilize- so we have two that were growing at 2pm yesterday. 1 4 cell "perfect" and 1 3 cell with a bit of fragmentation. To keep us all real- last time I had the same PLUS 2 more "perfect" 4 cells and one made it to biopsy. 


  1. This sounds hard and overwhelming. I don't have any sage advice. But I have hugs I can send. {{{{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}}} (That kind of reminds me of a vagina for some reason.)

    1. lol, because it looks like a vagina. hahaha

  2. May your post script lead to something really good :-)

    If you do decide to look at adoption, I wrote a book on it. Check out the reviews and see if it's something that might help you out I'm happy to talk with you about anything.

    1. Thank you so much for commenting! Your book has crazy-good reviews- so I bought it last night! Thank you again!

  3. I was just about to suggest you talk to Lori, and then saw that she left a comment before me! I second her book.

  4. And just to make your head spin even more, you may want to check out my blog and look under all the adoption tags. The previous Microblog Mondays I've been posting on things I wish I had known about adoption. I am Canadian however, so I can't recommend agencies and every state has their way guidelines.

  5. Hi, I'm here from Mel's Round-Up. I've adopted internationally and we're in the midst of becoming foster certified now. I think the Christmas light strand is a great analogy. I wrote a couple of posts about international adoption, if that helps.