Monday, February 8, 2016

So Long Re! 7W3D

Even though we were just there on Thursday, today was my final RE appointment. They did an ultrasound and baby is measuring exactly on-time- 7W3D. Heart rate was 177 and we could see the new little arm and leg buds (and the tail-- still early!)

So we've officially left the RE. This is likely our last- if all goes well, Boy or Girl, I think 2 will feel right, especially given the road it took to get here, If not, I'll wean at one year and do my last rounds (insurance covered)  of IVF ASAP and see if I can get one more good egg out of my old ovaries.  I would like to experience having a daughter before I close shop for good, but I don't know if it's worth these needles again- you know?

You know what the kicker is? In a envelope in my purse are my records for my OB- in them is the gender. I'm fine not looking at the u/s or asking at an appointment, but I literally have it with me. I want to look- but I will be so mad if I do. ugh.

Here's Surya-Scott!


  1. Slow down and enjoy this experience before you start making decisions on the next one LOL! It seems like this has been a really emotionally taxing journey on you and the difference between 1 child and 2 is so much greater than anticipated. Congrats on graduating the RE and another great u/s.

  2. Oh my goodness! Wonderful! So happy for you guys! :)