Thursday, February 4, 2016

What a Big Surprise


Knock me over with a feather. I cannot believe it. I thought for sure this was all over. I spent all night last night in complete stressed agony. 

I cried in the car driving over, in the waiting room and in the bathroom. 

The ultrasound tech was the nicest medical person I have ever encountered. She talked me through everything and didn't give me the side eye when I cried like a maniac trying to tell her why I was there. I made hub do it. She said they would start with an abdominal u/s but it was just procedure. She didn't expect to see anything because  it's so early. She said "I am just going to do the abdominal as fast as I can do you can wipe off and go to the restroom. Then we'll do the internal and we'll be able to see what we need to know." 
So she spread the jelly and I told her about Liam and Blue Sunday- and then she put the wand on and there was a flickering heart. She said "I'm going to tell you now I see a heartbeat". I lost it. 

Even hub teared up. Then she put it back on and got a heartbeat of 141. She said to go pee and change. When I came back in- after crying alone in the bathroom- she asked what we thought our dates were and she said that was right on track with what she was seeing. 

We started the internal and baby measured 7 weeks (I am 6w6d) with a heart beat of 144. Everything looks really good. There is a miniscule hematoma- she said from baby borrowing in- and the doc didn't view it as a reason to have bleeding. I also have an itsy-bitsy fibroid- 11mm at largest. But they said not to worry at all. So I'm going to try that. 

Baby what a big surprise. Right before my very eyes.
Chicago, What a Big Surprise


  1. Such awesome news! As hard as I know it is hopefully this will give you some peace and you can enjoy this process a little more! YAY!!!

  2. YAY!!!! wonderful!!!! I'm so, so happy for you!

  3. Hooray!!!! That's amazing news! Go celebrate this milestone.

  4. I'm so happy for you!! I haven't been good about following blogs so I had no idea about your ups and downs. I'm SO happy for this great news! Yay! :)

  5. Yay! I was mentally holding your hand these past 24 hours. A big sigh of relief all around!