Thursday, April 14, 2016

Random Updates on Kins

Somehow my beautiful little son is 2.25! I just don't know how this time passed so quickly.
I thought he deserved an update of his own.

I mentioned a few times he is in Early Intervention (sometimes called Birth to Three). He was slow to talk: 2 words at 18 months (and 1 of those words he said once and STILL hasn't said again). By 2 he more than the 50 which is considered the low end of normal- he probably had closer to 65-70. WELL. This kid has just blossomed. He says words that I didn't know he knew. He speaks in sentences. Real ones. Not grammatically correct but "Mama, we go beach" is a pretty good request! "Daddy, me hungry. I eat Cheese?" It's adorable.

When I come home he says "Hiiiii Mama, I miss you". Is your heart a puddle? It is so cute.

He's a big boy now, 2'11' this morning. Still 31 pounds, as he has been since his 2 year in January. He's been lengthening, and using his baby belly fat for growth I guess -- because it's gone :( He has a boy body.

He loves counting, he knows his numbers to twenty. He's working his on colors. He's good with pink and purple- everything else is Yellow. Hmm

He is very, very sweet. He is loving, he gives hugs and kisses. He gently pats the kitties (he’s not such a fan of our dog, who occasionally* steals his food). He tells people he loves and missed them. He also is two, so sometimes he throws his toys- at people.
* Once a day, at least. Poor little guy. Happy old dog though.

He is starting to lost his baby words- he says train not choochoo, he says sucker (pacifier) not this clicking noise he used to make. It’s sad.

We might be having a small surgery for the little guy. He has a “sticky thumb” It is called trigger thumb and means his thumb gets stuck at the second knuckle because of a tendon issue. We can pull his thumb and it releases. He doesn’t seem pained by it, but it is bothersome. He says “uh-oh stuck!” and comes to us to fix it. We took a trip into children’s hospital for an appointment with an ortho (who was AWESOME). She said that at his age, there is a good chance he would grow out of it, especially since it had “only” happened three times. Well, in 4 days, it’s happened 3 more times. Once he fixed it himself, so I can’t be sure it hasn’t happened more often. It is a “simple” surgery that only requires a single, small incision into the webbing of the thumb. It should take only minutes and he can go home right after. But, it does require anesthesia and he will be in a big bandage fingertips to elbow for a week to avoid infection. He can’t get it wet. I mean, he’s 2. So we will put it off for some time, unless we can no longer get it into place (sometimes it’s so tight you have to go to the ER)or it seems to hurt him. The doc said that shouldn’t be the case and that there is no long term pros or cons of waiting vs. doing it now. 


  1. So great to read these updates! What a sweetie! He will be a great big brother. Hope you are feeling well!

  2. *tear* I'm emphasizing all the feels from across the internet lol. Sometimes I miss things about Ava being smaller or I'm amazed and the things she can do now she couldn't before like pick up the boob, latch herself on, and feed herself. I'm like wait, that's for big babies!

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