Monday, June 6, 2016

Bills, bills, bills #MicrobloggingMonday

I have mentioned more than a few times at this point that there is something going on at work. We were supposed to have an outcome on that by now, but it is delayed and causing some a lot a huge amount of stress.

I was hoping that the result would have been announced by now, since I am more than a little concerned that I'll lose my job between now and January when I'm planning on being back from leave. I carry the insurance and live in a country and state with no mandated paid maternity leave (my company will pay me, but clearly I need to work here for that to happen). Hub and I sat down over the weekend and did a budget (and then promptly blew it). I hate having this eat into my plans to pay down my mortgage and student loans.

I've been looking at a lot of personal finance blogs, but can't find one that works for my situation. I'm not willing to move into my parent's home or sell my cars to meet a goal of being debt free (honestly, I just want to gt rid of the loans because they are annoying and get some equity into the house so I can do-over my kitchen regardless of work outcome. The monthly payments are manageable and tax deductible interest.

Sooo, does anyone have some suggestions for blogs to read? I'm not interested in selling my belongings for cash, or making homemade laundry detergent to save money. Basically, I buy things for a reason and am lazy. We have read some Dave Ramsy and like the idea of paying off debt, saving 6 months expenses and for retirement/kids' school. Anyone see a blog of someone like me?


  1. Gail Vaz Oxlade is a Canadian money management guru. Her website might help.

    We take a long term approach to debt. We blew through our savings when the twins were born knowing that I would go back to work and be making great money again. Now we are neovating our kitchen with a home line of credit that we will roll into the mortgage in a year. Our mortgage will be our only debt then, and with mortgage rates so low, we are paying extra every month to go to the principal. We also do not budget for vacations, but instead put that money into RESP's for the kids, and a RDSP (disability savings) for P.

  2. Don't want to ask me,haha, I'm in debt up to my wazoo.

  3. I am the worst at this. I read one financial book years ago and promptly felt hysterical because I couldn't find any realistic way to implement the ideas.

    I hope things get settled at work soon.

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