Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Month Seven

Month Seven

Weight- ? no recent weights I'd guess she is in the high 16 or low 17 pounds 

Diapers- Size 2 


Sitting up all on her own!

4/16 Easter

Eating foods! (carrots, prunes, pumpkin, squash, avocado.. also kinsy fed her cake...)
Cake pop.. and MG wanting more 4/19
mmmm Carrots 4/28

First night without Mama :( (I was in London for 2 nights)
Bottle for bedtime 4/7

I made A LOT of milk while traveling 4/7

Sleep- By the end of this month she was in her own bed until about 1AM, up for feeding, back in her bed in our room until 3:30 and then in bed with me. Progress. She is taking more regular naps now too. Yay!

Clothes- 3-6 months,  now sleeping in a Zippity-zip because she was waking up so hot in the Merlin Sleepsuit! (probably from the bed sharing)

EatingShe started getting solids this month. We gave her banana cut into sticks as her first food (since the baby cereal was a fail, as was avocado). She liked it but Kins was gagging at the site of the mushy food. Which is really funny since earlier the day that happened he HAD HIS HANDS IN THE TOILET looking for the poop he had flushed. She is willing to eat purees from a spoon now. Yay. Also Kinsy gave her cake. She's now had cake twice. oh boy. 

Likes-  Her big Brother!

Hub and I - we get huge bright smiles when she sees us

DislikesSleeping alone. Being put down.


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