Monday, December 24, 2012

Dear Santa

It's Christmas Eve.

Last year I was dying for a few glasses of wine at the family Christmas party I hosted. This year I am trying to avoid drowning my sorrows. Last year I was looking forward to having a 7 month old at Christmas, this year I'm holding out hope that next year I'll have an infant or a belly full of baby or a home study in progress.

Last year I had just one more day left of being happy. This year.. I'm hoping to find happiness again.

This year, Santa, in the words of Elvis, I'd like you to bring my baby back to me- but barring that magic, please show me the path to a child of my own. (And so you're aware, I am gearing up for ovulation, I don't have any hope left, but you could help with that...?)

Please make these reindeer hurry
Well their time is drawing near
It sure won't seem like Christmas
Until my baby's here
Fill my sock with candy
And a bright and shiny toy
You wanna make me happy and fill my heart with joy
Then Santa, hear my plea
Santa bring my baby back to me
Elvis Presley , Santa Bring My Baby Back To Me

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