Monday, January 28, 2013

A Big Week!

I am having a big, big week and I am really excited for it.

Finally, after all this time  TTC, we're set to get some answers.  Hub's SA is set for Thursday, which is my day 21 lab draw.

I O'ed yesterday, which was day 17. It is still later than I expect, but this month it was a blessing, since hub was away until the late night of Day 12. We did EOD (13, 15 and 17) and will finish tonight, which gives him 2 days abstinence required for the SA. That's good luck- which is abnormal for us!

Last night All day yesterday, hub and I met up with our couple friends, and had some Sunday- Fun day day drinking. Hub and I were committed to being hermits all day and then going to 6:30 movie, but we got a text from JAM asking us to come for dinner. Since that was a no-go (movie), they asked us to join them for lunch and a few drinks. (stuff I deleted they are TTC) We have plans to go away Friday night and skiing Saturday, coming back for my friend's surprise party. Should be a good weekend.

I should be submitting my plan for my Practicum to my university. I have to complete this 112 hour work project before I can graduate (hopefully this summer). I should be starting in the next few weeks and I am really excited about it!

On top of all that, I have a major work project due in the next few weeks and am working form home to complete it- I LOVE working from home. I gain 2 hours by not needing to commute and I don't need to bother with work clothes.

Fingers crossed we finally caught the egg- and if not, that there are no no sperm issues so that I can start medication in March and may be use the luck of the Irish to get some Clomid Twins of my very own!

On top of all this, I want to thank my blogging buddies. Many of you have reached out on some recent posts, in e-mails and comments, and I am moved by your compassion and understanding. I especially want to thank Elizabeth, I read her blog about her beautiful son and it makes me feel much more sure about my ability to adopt and how it is not a second-rate way to build a family Her son isn't "like her own son"  he IS her own son. We don't share our opinions on everything- but even in the relative anonymity of the internet, she is respectful and kind. She has open my eyes to ways of thinking I am not accustomed to, and I thank her and others who share their lives on the internet.


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  1. Oh my goodness! I feel so honored that I was mentioned! I'm glad to spread positive news about adoption. :-) He has been the best blessing to us. And you're right. I'm SOO grateful for you and other women who are supportive through the internet! I don't know how I could have survived infertility without the support of the women in the groups here. It's such a great group of people who have gone through such unfair pain and loss. :/ I'm so glad you're hopeful for the upcoming tests! It's so nice to have a plan isn't it? Wishing you luck! :)