Sunday, January 20, 2013

Same Book, New Chapter

We have a tentative plan for giving me some help in conceiving!

 I was really, really tired Thursday morning. I had to drive hub to the airport for a business trip an we were in the car at 5:30, due to some printing issues we were at Walmart at 11:30 buying a new printer (they were out of ink and it was only 34$ for a printer so... ). I might have gotten 4 hours or sleep, coupled with the stress of him leaving, I was feeling nauseous. I actually vomited, but that isn't super unusual for me when I'm really tired. The flu had been rampant at my work last week and I just kept begging myself to stay well until 11 on Thursday- my appointment time. I should have asked to stay well until 12:30 when I would have been getting home. The nausea didn't relent by the time I got to work at 7:30- and it progressed into more frequent vomiting, diarrhea and body aches. When I left at 10:30 I knew I wouldn't be back.  

I did make it into the appointment but I wasn't paying as much attention as I should have been (but I managed not to vomit in her office- I call it a win). The doc is concerned that my cycles have been irregular since TMFR, she said that there is nothing about the surgery that should have done that to me. Though she finds it odd that I was super regular before and irregular after.  A snapshot of the last 6 months:

Dec 14- O CD 18; LP- 10days
Nov 20- O CD 12; LP- 12days
Oct 25- O CD 13, LP- 13days
Sept 27- O CD 14; LP- 14days
Sept 1- O CD 14 LP- 12days
Aug 7- O CD 13; LP- 12days

Keep in mind for most of these cycles, I was spotting several days before the next cycle started. I count it as a small blessing that my ovulation was on day 18 last month. It had never been that off before,  but I think it really sparked some concern in the doc. Before that it was irregular, but not terribly so.. except that I used to know the time of day I would start, not just the day. Because of this issue, we are planning on medicating to force regular ovulation assuming the sperm analysis comes back normal. She is VERY cautious and doesn't want to medicate without cause (And I am very glad for her caution).

I am eager to get started, but Hub is away for a few more nights, and she cautioned against doing an SA in the days immediately following travel since "Everything effects sperm count". Most likely we'll do the SA early next week. I have to do bloods on day 21 (today is 10) and day 3. She wants to re-do the SHG.. but I don't know why. I'll call after the day 3 bloods and make sure she remembered we already did it. I was just too sick to ask.

About that sick, I was literally crying on the way home because I didn't think I would make it. I was full on fever, body aches, chills nausea, and cramps. I walked in the door with a plan to grab my work cell, go to the bathroom upstairs and go to bed. I barely made it to the downstairs bathroom before vomiting. I was up and down every 30 minutes to use the bathroom. It was HORRIBLE. I started to feel better on Friday, though I called out of work, and am slowly continuing to improve this weekend. I am debating working from home tomorrow.  This was a TERRIBLE time for hub to be away.

Hub should be home on Tuesday night (though snow is expected, so we'll see) that is just in time for scheduled O, but I am not particularity hopeful- for either an on time O or unmedicated conception. We are planning on him going to the SA early next week! Looks like we'll have a plan mid-February and  can get started on something for my March cycle. I am feeling pretty good about that.

I know you don't wanna hear the same old line
So you'll just have to read
The writing on the wall
Utopia, Chapter and Verse


  1. It sounds like you're in such a good place (aside, form being sick.) I can hear your excitement coming through the blog. :)

  2. OH man! I hope you feel better soon and I'm glad the Dr. is being proactive. Keep us posted. :)