Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Though I have not gotten mine (yet), I am joyous that two friends have finally received their pots of gold- One IRL and one from the blogs. Mrs. Wonderful is finally mothering a living child- He was born yesterday and is beautiful. The labor was long and physically difficult, but not nearly as emotionally difficult as her 20 week still birth a year and half ago. A blog friend who also TFMRed gave birth to her daughter last week. Her daughter is gorgeous and healthy.

I am jealous, of course, but not like I am over some other people. Since they are fellow BLMs, I know just how much their rainbows mean to them. I can’t help but rejoice.

Congrats to Mrs. Wonderful and Biojen. I wish you and your new babies all the joy in the world.

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  1. Isn't it strange how we're so happy for some and so not for others? It's a difficult emotion to balance.