Thursday, February 21, 2013

Inspiring Blogger Award

I am so honored and excited to say that Elizabeth over at Waltzing in Galoshes has nominated me (!) for the Inspiring Blogger Award. So with out further ado: here it goes!

In order to accept my award I have to post this image, tell you 7 random things about myself and nominate 15 other people! I'm not sure if many of the people I read read me, but I'll go ahead and nominate anyway.

1. My favorite holiday is Independence Day (July 4th). I love that it is mid-summer, a day about togetherness and there is no gift obligations. There is a free, world class concert here in Boston complete with fireworks! What's better?

2. After a first date when I was 17, I called my best friend and told her I would marry the boy I dated that night. She thought I was crazy- she told me so in front of my friends, family and that boy in my wedding toast 6 years later. 

3. I am incredibly blessed with my friends and family. My oldest best friends are sisters one I've known since she and I were 4, her sister was 3. My cousin is 3 years younger than me and we've been close since she was born. I have at least one close friend from all of life's stages (kindergarten, elementary school, high school, college, first real job). They all know each other and have become friends. I knew Hub's friends before I even met him. We're all close. It is wonderful.

4. I have been writing a book for about 10 years now- off and on of course, it and has no chance of ever being published- but I really want to finish it. I feel like my characters are real people I've known them for so long. 

5. I was an English/ Pre-Med in college, I went to a top 75 school and really loved it. I read books on Vaccines and viruses and research papers on various public health topics for fun. Hub and I watch the Sunday morning news shows, read the newspaper and watch the comedy central news shows as entertainment. We're dorks. Big ones.

6. I was a competitive swimmer in high school. I loved being in the water.

7.  My perfect day is in the summer on a beach with a bag of Doritos, an ice cold pepsi, a radio and good company.

Here is a sample of the lovely women whose blogs I read and love: Most are loss blogs (medical termination or otherwise), but there are also ART blogs, adoption blogs, special needs parenting and family blogs:

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5) Sarah: The Grass is Green Enough
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7) Christina: I Never Said it Would be Easy
8) Crystal: Haleigh's Story
9) Diana: Sunshine in a Blue Cup
10) Allison: Unconditional Love
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