Sunday, February 24, 2013

Looking Forward

A lot has happened in the past few days.

I had an SHG on Tuesday. My uterus is still "beautiful"., I'm not even sure what that means, but both my GYN and the sono sort-of gasped and said 'oh- beautiful'. So I'm thinking that's a good thing. They could clearly see that one tube is open. The other they thought was open, but couldn't confirm based on the way the saline flowed. My GYN explained that all you really need is one and how it has been shown that the functional tube can sweep up the egg and ovulate through that tube. I had an 18mm follicle on my left ovary, and was told ovulation was eminent.
Hoping it's a happy egg!
(This was the totally natural way I cracked my eggs once, weird right?)

I was very surprised at this for two reasons. One the SHG was CD11 (CD10 was a holiday, so I couldn't go in then). Last moth I O'ed on CD17 and the month before that CD18. I don't know why I am so off. Two, my CBFM told me that morning that my fertility was low. Usually I have unusually long high periods before I reach peak, so I was assuming that there would be just a baby follicle and I would start the rise to ovulation on CD12. Only the latter half of that was true, on Wednesday morning CD12 I was high. I got peak day one CD13 and peak two CD14. Just like the old-days. That would be great if there was any rhyme or reason

We had a good BD schedule, and since Hub's SA was so good, we did it 2 days in a row.  Please cross your fingers for us.

I had a long talk with the GYN after my SHG and we came up with a plan. I will make an appointment with the RE (Done! We go on March 4th!). She assumes they will offer me two options 1. Medicated cycle with monitoring or 2. medicated IUI. I was hesitant to lose another month, so she agreed that she would start me on Clomid for CD2 assuming I need it, because I am not pregnant (and let's be honest, that seems most likely)and my appointment with the RE is after CD2.  The date I chose for my appointment should have been perfect because it would have been a few days before I was to start, as based on my last few cycles. But since I O'ed so much earlier than I had been, it should now be 12DPO- which is usually actually CD3. I am very happy not to lose another cycle.

In terms of decisions, Hub and I had a long talk in our favorite long talk location- the car. We decided that, for various reasons- December isn't our ideal month to have a baby- we're not crazy about January or February either. Mostly because of holidays and snowstorms. We will be taking medication and monitoring (assuming that is what is offered) until I turn 30 in June. If we are still not pregnant- we'll do IUI. We both are saddened at the thought of losing a natural conception- and that is only made worse by an IUI. At that point we're looking at a spring 2014 baby, much better for my work schedule and my anxious BLM mind. I'm too scared to risk a baby in a blizzard.

In really, really good news, my GYN said that she is sure I can get pregnant, and that the only think going to the RE will do is speed up the process- just what I'm looking for!

Looking forward all that I can see
Is good things happening to you and to me
I'm not waiting for times to change

Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Looking Forward

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