Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Empty Room- An Update

I wrote this post back in March- about a month before we conceived Take Two.

You should go ahead and read it so that I don't have to do a re-hash. I'll wait....

So the cycle after removing that condom tin from my walls, I was pregnant. Coincidence? Most definitely, but an intriguing one, right? Still, progress in that room was moving at a glacial pace, even as pregnancy progressed. Walls were down the snow hindering our rubble removal melted and little changed. Hub didn't really have the heart to start on the room in earnest. There was always an excuse, a more pressing project, or just one more appointment-hurdle to jump before we could 'really start'.

Then all the excuses started melting away: Confirmation it was just one baby, passing the NT scan (minus Next Tuesday being herself), clear Panorama test, crossing into the 'safe' zone of the second trimester,and then  finally the clear anatomy scan. Though all these hurdles, we slowly, slowly worked on the room. Dry wall went up, was tapped and mudded, was primed and painted. The floors were finished, the trim cut, hung, primed and painted. Finally this weekend the finishing touches are being made- new doors, last touch-up coat of paint, new ceiling lamp fixture.

Oh yeah.. and this....

There is a crib in what was the nursery, and then the cats' room, and then the empty room... and now again is finally the nursery.

This is hub, transitioning to daddy....

It's all so weird.

(NOTE from the great re-posting re-read: This made me cry. It's been so long since I'd thought about that room as anything but Bub's room. It was such a painful room.. and now holds some of my happiest moments of the day)

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