Sunday, January 11, 2015

Damned if You Do

Apparently not Damned if you don’t


My planning session with the RE is delayed another cycle.


I goofed and forgot to schedule my follow-up with the doc when I scheduled my Day 3 labs last month. Usually that isn’t an issue, but with the holidays there was a lot of appointments the first 2 weeks of January. Since I scheduled it late, Day 6 (12/19) the next available appointment was 1/15. Day  32. I only went that late without being pregnant once* in the 2+ years of cycles TTC. Lame.


More lamely, I had a rather important work meeting pop up, the middle of which was when the appointment was scheduled. I had planned on keeping it until  started, but on Tuesday 1/6 I had all the symptoms so in a fit of woe- I rescheduled for 1/21 (see what the holidays do? It took almost a month for one appointment, a week for another).


Well guess what hasn’t shown up yet (as of Day 29).


If I go one more day, I could have kept my appointment and restarted clomid this month.




*I know this is true because I am a freak and made a spreadsheet. Before I was TTC obsessed I was a like-clockwork 28 days. Then Blue Sunday happened and my cycles fell apart, along with just about everything else.


P.S. I have not tested. In the 6 months we’ve been trying, I haven’t taken one. I am trying to see a positive on the first HPT I pee on this go-round. What a concept.

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