Monday, January 12, 2015

#microbloggingMonday: Monday Make-you-Laugh

Ok, Monday Make-you-Laugh isn’t a thing, but it should be.
As mentioned in my last post there will be no clomid this month- so we are on our own. I have my reasons for wanting to get pregnant ASAP (aside from raging baby fever and ticking clock- I need to order a bridesmaid dress for September Wedding by March- I’d like to know if I need a size 10 or a size 20).
With that in mind, I’m gearing up to try on our own. To that end, I pulled out my old friend the Clearblue Fertility Monitor. I ordered new sticks in the mail. It needed batteries (poor thing is 3 years old now) and last night I finally remembered to bring it downstairs to replace them. Hub looked at me with fear. In the exact tone you would use with an addict as they start slipping off the wagon  (accusatory, resigned)  he said:
“You’re going to pee on stuff again, aren’t you? I saw you got those sticks in the mail the other day. You missed it didn’t you, peeing on things?”
I kind of did.

Not sure what #MicroblogMondays is? Read the inaugural post which explains the idea and how you can participate too.


  1. OMG, peeing on things is seriously addicting! Have you had good success with that monitor? I've only ever used regular ovulation tests.

    1. I like the monitor, I have a hard time with other OPKs (I've used the wondfos and I just pee on a lot of them and they all look the same to me). It gives you a warning that you're about to O and then when you do O.

  2. He doesn't understand! It is seriously addictive to collect information like that. And yeah, it involves pee. So what... :-)

  3. I've already taken 3 pregnancy tests, wait, four (one was digital and didn't work at all), I'm not even 4 months post-partum and am not cycling and if I think long and hard enough do not even really want to be pregnant again already. My name is...and I am an addict.

  4. Somethings guys will just never understand!

  5. Guys like to pee on trees, and ladies pee on sticks.