Monday, January 26, 2015


Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. –Albert Einstein


Yeah. I know this is crazy, you know this is crazy and yet, I can’t help but give this a “good try”.


We are trying all on our on this month and I have vowed to try hard. I know I did that for 14 months (almost all of them – there were a few duds) but what’s one more time?


I’m off of soda and alcohol* on moderate workouts and my husband. Lol


I saw this this morning.  (That’s the “hey you’re about to ovulate” message on the ClearBlue Fertility Monitor)


That in and of itself is a bit insane. Before Blue Sunday I was SO regular- days 11, 12 and 13 were high (2 bars) and day 14 was peak (the little egg symbol on the third bar). After Blue Sunday I was a MESS. Sometimes I would go many days of low fertility before getting a high. That pushes back the next month’s start testing day (default is testing day 6- 16. I will adjust dates based on your previous cycle/s)- That led to me getting the peak fertility egg on the first day of testing! Other times I would be high (2 bars) for 5, 6, even a week of sticks in a row. Today is day 12. I was high on days 9, 10 and 11. It is a little early, but otherwise a normal pattern (CBFM should give 2-3 days of high before peak). My cycles have been longer in the last few months (MUCH longer than I was averaging when trying for bub), so I think my luteal phase will be OK for once. When I was trying for bub, My cycles were as short as 24 days with O on day 17!   Totally not conducive to baby-making.


My fingers are crossed SO HARD for this month.


Otherwise, I’m on femera next month- a change from what we did to conceive bub (which was clomid). I’ll post about that tomorrow.


Until then, I’ll be pretending today was a trigger shot- BD for 3 days in a row! Good time for a “crippling, historic snowstorm!" If this works- fetus will be known as Blizzard Baby ;)


*I will probably have a couple of drinks during the monster snow storm we’re getting (30 inches are in the forecast….)


  1. Good luck! That's good news that you got a clear positive for the ovulation monitor. I hope you get that Blizzard Baby!!!

  2. Good luck!!! I really, really hope this works out. FX we both get our BFPs soon!

  3. Good luck!!! I really, really hope this works out. FX we both get our BFPs soon!

  4. I always thought it was amazing that women timed their ovulation with epic snow storms.