Friday, January 30, 2015


I'm sure 365,289,465,038,745 people have done that as a title on an infertility blog, but I love it.  We had a RE appointment late last week. In December we did all our testing (again). Hub had an SA, I did the SPG, lots of bloodwork. There was a little blip where my TSH was high, but we did a re-test and it was fine. RE isn’t concerned.  
The initial follow-up appointment was scheduled almost a week after I expected to start my next cycle and it conflicted with work appointment, so I pushed it a few days back.. and then started the day of the original appointment. Meaning I could have had my medicated cycle this month. LAME.
I was really, really anxious leading up to this appointment. I'm not exactly sure why. May be I feel like baby 2 would be too good to be true? I can't possibly have an assisted conception as easy as last time (first shot for those of you who weren't here then) sand there is no way I could have a second child who is as wonderful as bub. I sat in the car outside the RE freaking the F out for a bit.

So when we did make it to the RE, we had a talk through all of our results- and they were all fantastic (phew). Then we got into treatment plan discussion. There was a RE in training there with my doc who had participated in a randomized, doubleblind, clinical trial of clomid vs femera. Femera (letrozole) is used off-label for infertility (it is actually a breast cancer drug). They did a study in women with PCOS and showed that femera resulted in more ovulations, pregnancies and live births. There was no statistical differences in pregnancy loss, fetal anomalies or multiples rates. There were fewer side effects on femera reported.

She mentioned this study, and I read it when I got home (I have the ability to access full text medical journals). With all this information in mind, we've decided to move forward with femera next month. I think the RE was surprised I decided to change course, given my success last cycle, but I'm not (that) superstitious and I really hated the migraines. And, if there is a better rate of success with femera, may be the good lightning will strike twice and I can have a first cycle BFP, happy healthy pregnancy and another beautiful rainbow.

Feels like I'm asking too much?

Yeah. I know. Even the RE mentioned (again) don't expect a cycle 1 BFP again.

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  1. I've used Femara and Clomid and Femara has worked so much better for me. I really hope cycle 1 is a BFP. You just never know.