Tuesday, June 30, 2015

IVF #1: Day -7 I Got a Plan

I have been neglecting this space a little bit. My period arrived on my 32nd birthday (woo-hoo, NOT) and I started birth control 6/23. How ironic, there is another thing I always said I would never do again- take BCPs.

Today is day 8 of BCPs I got insurance approval for my cycle today 6/30. I called my very nice PGD nurse- who will be my point person for the cycle.

The plan for now:
Stop the birth control 7/2 (Thursday)
Estimated Cycle Day 1 7/6 (Monday)
Patient Education and form signing: 7/8 (Wednesday- 1 week from tomorrow)
Start injections: 7/8 (Wednesday- 1 week from tomorrow)
Estimated retrieval date: 7/20 (3 weeks from yesterday! CRAZY.)

I am still working on my IVF crash-course post- stay tuned.

I got a plan we can do it
Just when you want it baby, baby, baby

Britany Spears, Get Naked (I got a Plan)


  1. Yay! I'm so excited you get to try this! :)

  2. I'm so hopeful this will work! Lots of prayers and good wishes

  3. Good luck with this cycle! I'm glad it's getting started so quickly!