Monday, June 8, 2015

Ultimate Cycle D13: The Storm Continues

This is WAY less than an ideal cycle.

I am pretty upset that this is how this last chance is working out. I DO think it will give me a good argument for one-last-'last-chance' next month, though. Small comfort.

I mentioned hub and I are having a bit of a rough patch. Both of us are on edge.

I have a yeast infection- TERRIBLE timing.

My D12 fell on a weekend.. again. Yesterday (Sunday-Day 12) was very busy- 3 parties, a class and an appointment. When I got in for bloods, I wasn't in the system. Again. How can one office mess up EVERYTHING and one is always fine?

In the end, blood and ultrasound were fine.  I triggered last night with a 22mm, a 14mm and a 12mm.

My pregnancy test is on my 32nd birthday.... lame.

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  1. I'm sorry the cycle isn't going well. While I hope you get good news and don't need it, I hope you get to take the do-over if you want it.